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VIC back on two wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Superleggera, Oct 17, 2016 at 12:19.

  1. Hi all

    My name's Simon and yes, like a lot of others, a returning rider after a lengthy break.

    Picked up new new moto on Saturday and it's been a full-on experience mentally adjusting to life on two wheels again (first commute this morning). And of course a great experience twisting the wrist again.

    Feeling good about being back but also more conscious than ever that I have matured, have more responsibility to family, and don't feel the need to push it anymore (not that I was ever a big risk-taker, just liked getting along at a decent pace).

    More than happy to arrive whenever, there's no hurry. A delay is better than a disaster...

    Can't promise to be a regular here but will take advantage of this community of riders and their knowledge from time to time.

    Safe riding everyone...
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  2. welcome aboard :)

    What moto did you get for your return? :)
  3. Welcome Simon, join the long line of returning riders!!
  4. Welcome to NR and welcome back to 2 wheeled life!
  5. Thanks for all the welcome wishes.

    Aprilia Caponord Strada is the new ride.

    Early days but I am loving it!

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  6. Nice ride :)
  7. Ah, welcome from a fellow Ape rider....
  8. Good taste! Out of interest, who services your Shiver?
  9. A1 in Ringwood. Recently had the wife's Ducati at Mototechnic in Knox and we're pretty happy with them as well.