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Back on two Wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Enrgkid, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    My names James, I'm 20 living in the hills, I have recently just bought a 98' ZZR250, after writing off my old bike nearly 11 months ago, it's taken some time, due to broken ribs and fear of it happening again.

    But when I get my new toy up and running (just on the hunt for chain and sprocket), I'll be more than keen to get involved in some of the learner days and rides up the putty.

    I'm excited to be back.
  2. Welcome (back) :)
  3. G'day kid, put your arse in the seat again mate, you'll love it, lots of Sydney guys on here, see if you can hang with some of them to get you up and running.
  4. Welcome mate. Rock up to some of the Learner sessions and do the rounds; we'll look after ya' :D

    Out of curiosity, how'd the off happen?
  5. Welcome - good to read you're planning on riding again (y)
  6. Welcome back mate.
  7. I tried to take a corner a bit to fast for my skill level, and ended up high siding it, and somehow landed on my bike and breaking 3 ribs, last thing i remember was saying oh ****, and then waking up surrouded by a mate and numerous first responders. So as you can imagine I'm going to be nervous getting back on for the first few times, but none the less still excited, never let the passion die.
  8. Sounds like you know what went down and, by extension, how to avoid it next time.

    Welcome back. The nerves won't take long to settle once the throttle is in your hand! :)
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  9. Exactly, I know exactly what I did wrong, lets just say first few putty runs will be slower ;)
  10. Just remember the golden rule that @OzYoda always states at the learner sessions.

    Ride your own ride.
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  11. welcome Enrgkid! good to see you haven't lost the drive to ride ;) see you around town mate :)