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Back on two wheels

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MitchRohr, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. As some of you may know, I have had a particularly bad run when it comes to riding this past year. I upgraded from my trusty learner, a Zook GS500E, a little too early last september. All was well until I got caught. Shit. That stopped my riding for almost 6 months including the time I spent after the suspension waiting until I got my full licence. I have come to realise the stupidity of my actions and am now a full advocate of riding out the whole learner period, because simply put, it isn't worth getting caught, and I can't believe my own stupidity in riding uninsured.

    Then this happened.

    After 11 weeks of intense physio (which included me relearning how to walk and realising the extent of muscle wastage on my right leg), my knee's range of motion is 15 from straight to 120 from straight. After weeks and weeks of sitting on the bike making vroom vroom noises and trying to get my right heel on the peg, something happened today in physio which allowed my knee to move much more freely within that 15-120 degree ROM. Not exactly sure what, but it felt a whole lot freer. It seems to be recovering in a non-linear fashion; three or four weeks of no improvement, followed by a week in which massive gains are had.

    I sat on the bike this afternoon and could easily move my heel onto the peg. So then, I put my boot on and tried again. Little bit stiff, but still much easier than before. After about an hour and a half deciding as to whether I was ready to go for a short spin, I decided that a lap around the block couldn't hurt.

    Righto. Pants, check. Jacket, check, Gloves, check, helmet,.. oh, that's right, helmet goes on before gloves. Shit I'm nervous. Even though I have full comp I really, really don't want to crash.

    Okay, here we go.... Shit this thing is fast! Better be really careful. Jeez the front is spongy, hmmm, might head to the service station. 28 psi (!) there, much better. Okay, now let's head over to that road that goes to Cessnock. That's pretty sweet. Starting to get a feel for the bike again, man this is a lot of fun! Okay, the pain in my leg is getting pretty intense, might stop for a bit at this cafe. Had a chat with a bloke who used to own a bonne and cracked a few jokes about how my bike 'can't possibly be a Triumph cause it ain't leakin any oil!'

    Funny bloke. Original too.

    I finish my drink, and head back home the way I came. I find out that I can't stand on the pegs due to my leg simply being too weak at this stage; nevermind, that's what the gym is for! Still very ginger on the throttle, making sure that I don't make any stupid mistakes from not having ridden in 218 days.

    Back into the garage an hour later, and I tell you guys, it sure does feel great to be back on two wheels.

  2. Well, you'll recover, and never underestimate the value of riding as therapy!! Good to hear.
  3. MitchRohr,
    Mate, welcome back dude ! Great to hear you're back on two wheels again and here's to a speedy full recovery. Before you know it, not only will you be able to stand on the footpegs, but stand the bike on its tail also :)
    Well done and enjoy mate !
  4. 218 days :mad: that would hurt nearly as much as the knee injury. Bet it feels great to be back on two wheels now though!

    Congrats, good read too :cool:
  5. You only need to stand on the pegs on a dirt bike anyway :LOL:

    Congrats on the progress so far....
  6. Mate thats i such a good write up. Sorry to here about the knee but glad after so long you are seeing the long awaited inprovement that you have been waiting for.

    You first paragraph is really worth a read for all the young ( and old) riders who think they are invincible.

    Enjoy the coming weeks and hopefully more time in the seat!!
  7. Congrats mate, here's to a speedy full recovery!

    If you're keen to ride sometime shoot me a PM!
  8. oohh mate that is the first time I have read the post on your knee, and for some reason both my knees were getting sore and retreating under the desk as I read...

    Now to swallow the small amount of vomit that story brought up..and to wipe down the sweaty palms..

    Speedy recovery! and well done for getting back on the bike, tell you what I can imagine that smile under your helmet, stretching from ear to ear as you crack the throttle back open!