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Back on two feet!! (and new wheels to match!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kranzy, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hmm... 10th of August till last wednesday i've been off my feet.... Then on wed I got my cam walker off so thurs I was test riding my '01 929!!
    Woot!! Stoked, just been out all day getting used to her in the spur and around town. Couldn't be happier with her, a much nicer ride than my old '95 model!
    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Just thought i'd tell you all!
    See you all at a coffee night soon.
  2. Thats great news Ben. Just in time for the good riding weather!

    Kate and Shaun
  3. Thats great to hear Ben :)

    Can't wait to see your new baby and you at coffee again soon :)

  4. So you want to post a new bike thread?

    Hi there, happy internet user and motorcycle rider,

    There comes a time when we upgrade from one motorcycle to another, or even from no motorcycle to any motorcycle!

    Naturally a certain level of excitement comes from getting a new bike, and you feel compelled to tell as many people as possible about your latest, wonderful aquisition. This is completely normal.

    But how do you tell everyone? What's the procedure?

    Well, it's easy!

    Once you've created a thread, dedicated to your new bike - simply add these things: the make, model and year of your motorcycle + at least 1 photo of it. If you're a cute female, the photo of your motorcycle should include yourself as well.

    That's it! Simple, eh?

    Good luck, & happy posting.
  5. hear hear ...

  6. Hey, sorry Ktulu.
    I updated my garage to reflect it but still haven't got a pic there...
    But, good point!
    It's a 2001 Honda CBR900RR Fireblade (929)
    mmm.... so much yummier than my old '95 one!
    Oh, and sorry i've only got the one pic on the phone so far, but, here she is!
  7. Good work!

    Beautiful bike :grin:

    And it's got the quiet 'don't pay any attention to me, Constable' pipe, like my bike has!
    Plans to mod? Or you love it as it is? :)
  8. haha indeed.... Very stealth at the mo!
    Modding ASAP!! not too much tho, just a pipe and indicators and a few lil bits and pieces when I get the coin, that's not to say I don't love her just the way she is tho either!! But seriously.... That pipe has got to go!!!
  9. Oh and Thankyou by the way!
  10. Thanks for the translation Ktulu cause I was wondering
    WTF the OP was saying [​IMG]

    Nice ride bud.

    Sure would be a big improvement on ya last ride fer sure [​IMG]