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VIC Back on the road

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TigerSport, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hi All, Thanks for a great forum and a resource.
    New forum member here from Country VIC, getting back on the bike after a few years break. Have just placed my order for the new 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport. Took one for a test ride very impressed. Hopefully all going well taking delivery in a few days.

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  2. Welcome, TigerSportTigerSport
    Nice choice of bike.

    Once you have posted 10 times, you can show your bike in the showcase section.
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  3. Welcome to NR...

    As above.. Nice bike.
  4. Howdy and welcome to NR TigerSportTigerSport. Excellent choice of a ride, hope to see few photos in Showcase soon. Which part of country VIC are you from?
  5. Welcome mate :cool:
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum. Keep an eye out for rides and hope to have you along some time.

    Seems you're in the same boat as GoozaGooza, another Tiger fan (y)

    Enjoy your new ride :woot:
  7. Welcome TigerSportTigerSport!! What was it that drew you to the Tiger? Were there any other close contenders? Hope you post it out on the showcase soon :)
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  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome to NR! Pics of the bike please.
  11. Welcome fellow country gent. Enjoy this madhouse
  12. Welcome :) Ride safe
  13. Welcome TigerSportTigerSport . Just picked up a nice second hand example myself last night. Awesome bike.

    Don't be a stranger. You gotta post more than once man.
  14. Welcome to NR
  15. Hello and welcome, those are good bikes from what I've read.