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Back on the road

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by owen-cbr929rr, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Hi all

    My name is Owen and this is my story

    Years ago in my 20's i got my licence mostly to trail ride legally but then bought a 1987 gsxr250 and rode it around for a while before i got more into trail riding. I then sold the 250 and gave up on road riding until now.

    Well after 8 to 10 years i have finally bought a big bike, I picked up a 2000 cbr929 for 2k. It is in reasonable condition but i have now figured out why it was cheap.

    Second gear is popping out under load and the motor has to be pulled out to fix it. It gets better as i have now found the bike on here getting the same job done for 3rd gear damage in 2011. Plus it was a known issue when he sold it on in 2013.

    Ahh well live and learn hey? I have all the tools and am not afraid to have a go at it, so rego and cruising the streets is on the back burner for a while now till i get the parts required to swap.

  2. Ouch!

    And welcome, hope the repair work goes smoothly...
  3. Ouch indeed! It's too late to be wise now, but get onto one of the Australian Fireblade forums and soak up the wisdom there.....
  4. welcome aboard best of luck
  5. Hi again,[​IMG]

    here is a pic of the cbr, unfortunately its been put down on both sides since this pic and has a few new scratches, but for 2k i still think im doing ok.

    Thanks for the well wishes people that will help motivate me during the build. Its now more of a project and as such i think ill take a few pics during the process and make a gearbox replacement doco as i go. I found a nice deal on ebay usa for a great condition box that has been undercut on all 6 gears and not used since. It is complete with the shift drum and forks and all associated rods ect and it will be delivered for around $550aus. So it should be a straight swap and ill have a very nicely sorted set of gears to play with.

    So yeah look out for more on this as i get stuck into it over the next few weeks/months


  6. Looks good but I've never seen a green cbr before

    Should be great once you get the gears sorted!