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Back on the road again.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by stevenkelby, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I am nearly 40, got my first bike on my 16th b'day (Honda H100 Barnyard Special) and moved up to fireblades, RF900, 900SS and things, but sold all, went traveling and haven't ridden for over 10 years.

    Been itching for a bike more and more and finally snapped. Last week bought a '99 Honda VTR 250 for $2350:


    Just what I wanted, cheap, light, fun and handles well. I can ride it flat out and not go to jail too. I put an old cut down staintune muffler on it and now it's nice and loud, a bit lighter and a good 5+ kph faster up the freeway.

    Anyway, love this site, a great resource.

    Thanks for reading,


  2. Hi Steve and welcome. Your first post got hung up in the moderation queue and I have only just approved it if you were wondering why it didn't appear straight away. As you post a bit more and interact with the site these restrictions will disappear.
  3. Welcome mate.
    Must be something with reaching 40, because after 15 years off a bike, I'm back in the saddle myself.
    Stay safe.
  4. Welcome back to riding..!

    You must be thinking now as to why the hell you ever stopped.. right?

  5. Welcome (back)....
  6. Howdy and welcome to NR. Nice bike! :happy:
  7. welcome aboard :] nice bike
  8. Welcome Steve, and yes it is a great site.
  9. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Nice looking machine you have there.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome all.

    I do love riding, can't believe I waited so long to get back in the saddle!.

    The little VTR is going great, quick enough to keep ahead of traffic and even quick enough for riding on the freeway occasionally.

    Thanks again,

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  11. Hi Steve. As a recent returnee myself, I know the feeling!