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Back on the horse

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by boo81, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Just thought I would get some people's opinions. I haven't been on here for a while now as I sold my 250 about 6 months ago. Now the time has come to get back on a bike, but in a bigger variety! :grin:

    My dilemma is - i have always liked sports bikes, but they aren't comfortable for the 'better half' so I want something that she will be comfortable on.

    Now I have been looking at all different types of bikes from the Suzuki M50 to the Yamaha FZ6N but am not really sure what the best way to go would be? Ideally the budget would be $15k

    I have never ridden a cruiser, so I am little worried about getting used to them etc in day to day traffic etc :?

    if you were in my position - what would you be looking at?

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. get a 1250 bandit or 1k v-strom :)
  3. VFR if i could afford one i would get one..

    i have a mate who has a blackbird.. him and his missus are quite confortable on it they say.
  4. Sorry - should add one other thing...

    this will be my next bike up from a Hyo 250 and a little cautious about going to a liter bike... was hoping to go up to a 750 or something in between.
  5. If you like sportsbikes, I think it's unlikely that you will be happy on a cruiser. Nor will you necessarily be more comfortable. Try one before you buy, either way.

    There's a lot of standard/naked type bikes around, with sporty characteristics but pretty good comfort. Everything from GSX1400 and XJR at the comfort end to Hornet and FZ at the sporty end.

    Or, sports-tourers like the VFR, Sprint ST, Blackbird if you want some weather protection and a fairing.

    You really need to start by defining what kind of riding you want to do, and go from there.
  6. Thanks Titus - I have always liked sports bikes, but have always wanted a Harley so I am kind of neutral. Which makes it hard! :oops:

    as for the kind of riding it would mostly be city commuting with a bit of weekend cruising through the hills and beach areas.

    Thanks for the suggestions though - I will be sure to check them out.
  7. i just went from the 250 gpx to the zzr1200 and have found it a easy transition if ridden calmly and carefully , so i wouldnt rule out a litre bike for touring and pillioning if you are a careful rider on the transition
  8. Taken a look at the CBR600F with the banana seat ?
  9. So what my helps not good enough for you :p

    Wait till xmas brother im gonna kick your butt :p

    Like I said take them all for a spin and see what works the best... Get B on the back when you take them for a spin so she can give her comments and all..

    Talk soon
  10. Wee-Strom 650. Use the money you save to buy detachable hardcases and top box to swap easily from commuting to touring two-up.
  11. Hornet 900 and you will need no other bike.
  12. Get a Honda VTR 1000 firestorm. You'll soonafter leave the missus for the bike and no longer need the extra seat.

    and yes the superhawk is the single greatest achievement of mankind....well in the sound department anyway :p

    btw slightly biased if you didn't notice :LOL:
  13. totally different to what everyone else said, but i suggest you look at either the Harley 883 or 1200 sportster. My mate has a 1200 sporty sports, and its not too bad. Decent on fuel, comfy for rider and pillion, and it actually handles alright too.
  14. :rofl:
  15. why the R1 is an awesome bike, I used to own one (till it was rudly taken from me, though a replacement is coming from insurance)

    though if pilliion is really important for cruises probably not the 1L sports bikes, they aren't really 2 people friendly, though I take my GF on most of the Thursday night rides on the R1 and she doesn't mind too much.

    Though in saying that, the FZ1 is probably a better "two people" bike as the rear seat is less of an afterthought like the supersport's. :)

    my 5c anyways
  16. Because Ktulu is taking the piss. The OP wants up to a 750, for commuting on with a bit of cruising on weekends, is nervous about litre bikes, and wants something for two up riding with the missus. The R1 is waaaay more bike than the OP wants and doesn't suit the style of riding he's after at all.

    Don't go and get all offended because you owned one, nobody is saying the R1 sucks :p Humour sensor broken huh? :grin:
  17. lol wasn't getting offended... but sarcasm doesn't come across well in text.

    yeah the litre bikes are probably alot more than he "needs" (I was looking to up to a 600 after my Ps on a 250 but went to the R1 because "I'd proabably upgrade to one anyway" so just saved me buying two bikes :p)
  18. Appreciate all of the suggestions and will look into then and just have to take the misses around and sit on a few different bikes.

    I can't legally get on a bigger bike until March anyway, so I will have plenty of time to do some research. But with xmas/new year period it will go pretty quick - or at least I am hoping anyway... :shock:
  19. If youare going to be doing a fair bit of 2-up work, then shop accordingly. Has your other 1/2 pillioned much? Does she actually enjoy it or is it something she is wanting do try?

    You've got your budget so that's one step. Now work through everything you want and whittle them down. Remember to get insurance quotes for you final contenders. As an inexperienced rider, you will be cruelled if you try to insure a 600 IL4 or a thou. Something in the 'not a sportsbike' category will be significantly better for your financial future.

    Since you've said you want to take in intermediary step, I'd consider something like an SV, ER6, GSX650, Hornet 600, FZ6, Street Triple etc. All are worth a look.