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Back on the boulevard

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Managed a few rides since I got back from India.
    3 weeks riding on an Enfield with Rh gear change - 1 up, 3 down, and Lhs rear brake. And of course, a much lighter bike.

    After today, have no issues with changing back to the 109, although the bulk and turnin ability is vastly different. Plus it has 6-7 times the power of the Enfield.

    The sides of the tyres were re introduced to the roads of the Dandenongs, successfully

    Anyone else have an issue changing from one bike to another? Maybe you are lucky enough to have more than one bike in your stable.?
  2. good to see your riding a proper bike ;)

    i have no issues swithching between mine from Bike to scooter to manual scooter (vespa PX200) i ride them all

    i have a M109R too....

    unlike a lot of people when switching between scooter and bike i never grab the clutch lever thinking its the rear brake or the otherway around as i've read many people do...

    i can immagine what it's like right foot shifting though, on the Vespa the clutch and gear shifter are on the same handle bar thing... very simple to ride, yet many people at first cant get coordinated to do it properly
  3. I actually became a better rider in my cornering on the sports bike once i sold the boulevard. :)