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Back on the Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jace, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I finally finished putting my bike back together this afternoon. I took her down to the servo filled her up checked the tyres and off I went. From my place in Carnegie up the mountain highway to Olinda. :twisted:

    OMG the smile, my jaw is still sore. I haven't ridden a real bike (the wife's scooter doesn't count) since my accident in October. I was as rusty as a leyland P76. I'm mentally scared after my off.

    riding like a girl and the such. I'd even forgotten to lane split in stopped traffic. It wasn't until a bloke split past me that I remebered "oh yeah better split while I still can!" :cool:

    Now I know why I was feeling depressed. One ride and... Alive Alive I feel alive! :grin:
  2. Welcome back to the fold Jace, take it easy to begin with until she feels like home again.

    Also, if riding like a girl means you're riding like BanditR1 already then my hat's off. :grin:
  3. Had the same feeling when I got back on a couple of weeks ago after over a year recovering from a crash , don't worry too much it'll all come back pretty quickly.
  4. After my first off it took almost a year to get rid of the "is he going to pull out on me" thoughts everytime a car approached from a side street.

    It takes time, you do get over it though.
  5. I still get that feeling even when I'm in a car . :(
  6. Welcome back Jace.

    Now there's no reason for you not to ride to SBK :) See you there.