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Back on the bike

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bear63, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone so let me introduce myself back on the bike after a break of six years after being used as a 'speed-bump' by a nurse on her way to work at the RBWH in Brisbane.
    Guess which hospital was sent too..........
    So back riding a 2010 FJR1300 now ex-police single seater, daily commute on it and enjoy a ride up to Mt Glorious for a coffee so if you see a white FJR single seated say hello.

  2. Welcome (back) mate :cool:

    Must have been a lot of physical therapy after your incident or did you just take your time to get back on a bike?
  3. Ten operations / three bone grafts and three fusions of my ankle with two plates and six screws but who is counting.
    Just makes using the rear brake real fun .
  4. Yowsers! Well a huge welcome back then! Glad to see you back on and enjoying it :)
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  5. Welcome mate
  6. gday bear63bear63 and welcome to NR from a 64 model - glad you're back on the horse, enjoy!
  7. Welcome to the forum mate