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Back on the Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamthejoker, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. So as a few of you guys will know, I had my first real off at the start of the year. Again, a big thank you to everyone who stopped, made sure I was in one piece and got me and my bike to the safety of the pub.

    Long story short I complacent, not paying enough attention and misjudged a corner, thinking that after the crest the road would have a slight kink to the left, then a T intersection where it joined the highway. It didn't do that, instead it had a near 90 degree bend to the left, which I have been told was pot-holed and gravelly. I don't remember that perfectly as the adrenalin was running pretty high. Anyway, I wasn't expecting that turn to do what it did, I wasn't paying enough attention and panicked, instead of trying to turn the bike in and lean over I went hard on the brakes.

    So I'm sure you can all guess what happened. Bike stayed nice and upright and continued on the way it was going. I'm not sure if I locked the brakes but I did seem to be going pretty fast once I left the road.

    After riding (I use that term pretty liberally here) through the dirt for however long, I hit a ditch. The bike stayed in the ditch and I did not. I've been told I did an impressive superman impression at this point. All I know is that I ended up on my back in the long grass. I managed to break my ankle at some point during all of this, I'm not sure if it caught on the bike when I came off or if it took the brunt of the landing. Either way, it was broken and I've been told by the doctors that it's strange to see that part of the ankle broken so cleanly.

    I've kind of pieced a lot of that together. All I remember is think that it was going to be a nice gentle corner. Then I remember panicking and grabbing the brakes with no recollection of my surroundings at that point. Then I was travelling through long grass, both brakes on, clutch in and engine revving. Then I was on my back looking up at the long grass with some vague recollection of flying in between.

    Anyway, back to the present. I got back on the bike again on Tuesday! And it feels f*cking good. Even just cruising down the Nepean in the mid afternoon. 80Kmh, sun shining and wind blowing through my jacket. Unfortunately I was back on my old Hyosung as the Yamaha did not survive the crash. I've since taken it to Bikes n Bits in Brighton and the prognosis is not good. Aside from comprehensive cosmetic damage, the frame has been cracked in a few places and the forks are bent. There is a hell of a lot more wrong, they had a 4 page write up of what needed to be fixed.

    I'm pretty disappointed about that. I really enjoyed riding that bike and I didn't have it for long. If the damage was purely cosmetic I probably would have done a ratty ass cafe racer conversion, but there is far more damage than is worth fixing. So insurance will be notified soon and will almost certainly write it off.

    If the weather isn't to bad today (or tomorrow, depending on perspective) I'll head up to A1 motorcycles and do a few test rides. I had a look on their site and found four bikes I'm really interested in and another four that look interesting but will probably be either too expensive or too uncomfortable for me. I might start a thread or send a few PMs later asking for specific advice.

    I'm not sure exactly what my budget will be as I haven't received the payout from insurance nor have I got the lost income payment from the TAC yet.

    In some what related news I've got a Shoei NXR in the Bradley 2 colour scheme on order. Apparently I have an expensive head shape. And the cheapass LS2 helmet I've been wearing for two year didn't actually fit right. I don't want to turn this into an advertisment, but a shout out to Brighton Bikes n Bits for taking the time to help me find a helmet that actually fits right. They've been great to deal with both in regards to my bike and getting a new helmet.
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  2. Welcome back!

    Good to hear that all is going well and you'll be back on the bike soon.

    Bummer about the bike but hey..bike shopping is always fun.

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  3. Welcome back.
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  4. Sorry to hear about your off - glad to hear you've recovered and getting back on two wheels. Enjoy your bike shopping.
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  5. Congrats on getting back on the bike and hope you've healed up well. Bends after crests are a biatch. Often it's just a warning sign that saves people and it sounds like in this case there wasn't one. Happy bike shopping. :happy:
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  6. welcome back hope the insurance is easy, and you're back on two wheels soon
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  7. Welcome back! Definitely familiar with just how good it feels to get back on. :) All the best getting the bike sorted out, but I agree it sounds like a write-off if there's four pages of damage, including the frame. :/
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  8. glad you survived ok, best of luck in deciding your next ride!
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  9. Thanks for the kind words and support guys. Didn't manage to get around to looking at any bikes today but hopefully will be able to soon.
  10. Nice recollection iamthejokeriamthejoker , a cornering story to tell your grandchildren!

    Now you know you can't leave us in suspense, what bikes are you looking at?
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  11. I'll probably go with another sporty naked or a sports touring bike. I regretted not having a decent look at any of the sports touring bikes when I bought my FZ1.

    A1 in Ringwood have four bikes I'd consider "sensible" considering my price range, riding style and lanky legs and another four less sensible options. The sensible ones are VFR800Fi, SV1000s, Shiver 750, and ZX-12R. The less sensible options include a CBR600F4i, Ninja 1000 ABS, a much newer FZ1 and an RSV1000R.

    I'd also look at some of the big bore super motards, Street/Speed Triples or a Z1000.

    Edit: Forgot to mention the Super Blackbird.
  12. That's a decent range of bikes and capacities to test. A1 have a Tuono in there as well, might as well throw that in too! Enjoy, should be a blast!!
  13. I'd like to take a look at the Tuonos but I've only seen the V4 version for sale locally, which is a fair bit out of my price range.
  14. There's a used one at A1 ;)
  15. I found the '11 Tuono on their website, but that's about five grand out of my budget. I'll keep an eye out for any sneaky bastards that didn't get up on the website.

    Realisticly my maximum budget is ten grand, ideally I'd like to keep it in the $5-7000 range.
  16. try this one 2004 Aprilia RSV1000R Tuono Sports for sale
  17. Hmm, might have to make a little trip out to see that one.
  18. Just get a FZ1N..


    There's one in Bike for sale section here on NR.

    In NSW but in immaculate condition...
  19. It does look good!!
  20. I just took a look at that one. Very pretty. If I don't find something I like locally I might have to take a bit of a trip North.