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Back on the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Inphered, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Its been 8 long months since I last rode a bike, any bike and its feel fantastic.

    Rewind 6 months, I was riding home after training one night. Now, this is going from what i've been told because I have no recollection of these events, I was moving off from a set of lights when I was collected on the right side by a red light runner doing from police estimate about 70km/h. I was thrown and rag dolled down the road.

    Ended up in hospital in an induced coma for 3 months, 2 months in HDU and have only just finished rehab to learn to walk again.

    I ended up with a shattered pelvis, broke both legs, shattered right ankle held together now with plates and screws, shattered the right knee cap and broke that knee, 4 broken ribs and broken right arm. some how i didn't get a single scratch on my left arm. In a way i'm lucky as most of this was repaired before I was out of my coma.

    I haven't seen photos of the accident, and I kinda don't want too, but i've been told there wasn't much left of the bike and the ambo's are amazed I was alive when they arrived. The doctors to this day are amazed i'm still around.

    That all been said I have been determined to get back onto a bike ever since I woke up and people told me what happened, much to the distaste of my wife. Its strange, not been able to remember a thing. I literley remember walking out of training that night and then waking up in hospital. Thats it, nothing else. Heads still a bit funny, and I have a really short fuse and go off real fast but its something i can't control, damage to my brain that the docs don't know will ever get better.

    So today, after taking my bike in a few weeks ago to be looked over after sitting for so long, I strapped on the leathers, and tentativley, had my first ride. Amazing feeling, heart rate goes up at traffic lights and I don't think i'll be ready to face riding at night for awhile, but yeah, so glad to be back on a bike.

    Sorry for the long rant, but needed to tell someone how happy it is to be back on a bike
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  2. Sorry to hear about your injuries but a good effort to get back on the bike.

    Being in a similar situation recently, although to a much lesser extent, I understand your apprehension and good on you for having the 'minerals' to get back on the bike.
  3. What a good outcome from such a traumatic event. Welcome back!!!!!!
  4. Good work mate :) welcome back and congrats on the courage it must of taken to hop back on!
  5. sad to read about accident, missus would have gone through a shitload, glad you're ok, reckon treat the missus right buddy :) and as alot of people say 'Stop and smell the roses' keep riding, keep smiling and most of all, keep safe!!
  6. Sorry to hear about the injuries BUT good to have you here on NR.

    Hoping that all goes well for you and keep your spirits up. (y)
  7. Wow, that's one serious bingle mate, fantastic to see you have made it through and back on the bike. Well done champ.
  8. You're like Steve Austin, the million dollar man. Congratulations on getting back on the bike (and re-learning to walk)
  9. Congrats. It's hard convincing your loved ones that you want to ride again, I know.
  10. good on ya mate, getting back to doing what you love must be really special.
  11. Good on ya....

    Deserves a heart felt nod.
  12. Sorry to hear bout your accident, i went through the exact same type of accident about 5 years ago, but only broke 1 leg. Makes me feel lucky and reinforces the doctors telling me how goddamn lucky I was.

    Good job getting back on the bike and best of luck for your riding future!!!
  13. Thanks for the kind words all.

    I was determined to get back on the bike, mostly to over come the fear that I now associated with riding. I'm still nervous as hell, but slowly getting better. Thick traffic still gets me, as do traffic lights. My ultimate goal is to be able to ride at night, but its hard enough in a cage at the moment.

    It's a great feeling on the bike, and I find myself cracking a smile every now and then. I think its helping the healing process
  14. Wow, to get back on a bike after that one word comes to mind COURAGE. You are one determined guy kudos to ya mate.
  15. REading back, you're a perfect ad for TAC/Doctors that saved you/Bravery and perfect example to help people rehabilitate and @aly, Steve Austin was the 6 million dollar man
  16. well done mate

    i hope that you can feel comfortable on the road again, in time enough to really enjoy your self again. the sooner the better.