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Back on the bike! :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by StreetFighterr, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys!

    After a 2 year hiatus I have decided it's time to literally, get back on the bike.

    I have no bike and no gear any more so it's time to start from scratch.

    Will be visiting Peter Stevens and the KTM stores this weekend (Melbourne) and get started.

    I started on a 250cc obviously and haven't ridden since.

    I am on my full licence, 30 years old now, responsible and looking to upgrade.

    I'm looking for a 'naked' 600 or a 750 as I will be using the bike to commute to work (maybe) but more so for some summer fun.

    So I have begun writing a list, and so far I have:

    Triumph Street Triple
    Aprilia Shiver 750

    I'd LOVE a SuperDuke...but not a 990 or whatever the Duke is?

    I'm after something that is easy to ride, comfortable and won't scare the pants off me the first time I jump on it.

    Any recommendations guys?


  2. I'm a Honda Hornet man, but if I had the cash I'd be buying a Street Triple.....
  3. Street Triple looks like a winner so far, but I've also just added the Ducati Monster to the list...2009 model.

    Wife loves the Aprillia Shiver coz of the 'gold' lol.
  4. What I like about the triple is that it's a fairly simple bike, cable clutch and the like, just get a small fairing for tours
  5. I've always loved the Triple, ever since they came out I've been a fan.

    But the Ducati Monster is a beast and love the way it looks too.
  6. Go and ride a superduke, a thoroughly brilliant bike. If you don't like it don't buy it
  7. Ducati and the shiver, I'd look at servicing cost and who can service as options are limited.
    Heaps of street triples out there servicing is every 10,000km

    Ktm dukes are for people like Bamm Bamm (above poster)
    Who is a man who likes the company of goats.

    I'm not aware of your attraction to animals but I'm sure your not a goat lover.

    Street triple would be my pick.
    And for the record I'm not a man who likes goats. I also do not own a ktm.

    Good luck
  8. Before we get too carried away here.....

    You got your license > 2years ago on a 250cc.
    You had ~ 2years off ALL bikes?
    You are now unrestricted and want something bigger?
    You have done zero riding in between?
  9. Get an R1
  10. Correct. Hence my comment - "I'm after something that is easy to ride, comfortable and won't scare the pants off me the first time I jump on it."

    I know what you're thinking, but there's no way I could go back to a 250 and THEN upgrading.

    Any other suggestions?
  11. I spent a very long time researching that "middleweight naked" segment, and I'm surprised that anyone gets anything OTHER than a Street Triple.

    ...Well, except for people who shy away from the cost, of course. I ended up getting an older, faired sportbike simply 'cause I just couldn't justify paying that much for first bike. The Striple still seems to work out a lot cheaper than the Monster or the Shiver, though.
  12. but he is scottish, even us goat lover ex KTM owners give them a wide birth:bolt:

    Don't discount a bigger cube bike just because you haven't ridden for a while, it's not like if you **** up you'll be less dead on a 600 versus a thou.

    If you are mature enough and have some sense of self preservation you can ride whatever the hell you want, some people you see out riding have been riding for years and they are terrible at it, some people pick it up really quickly and you would swear they had been riding for years...everybody is different.

    Ride a bunch and pick the one you like
  13. I was actually not thinking of suggesting a 250.....

    I was thinking of suggesting a refresher training course before you buy a shiny new "bigger" toy and dump it on a pubic road.
  14. +1 on a refresher course. If you haven't ridden for 2 years, make the course your first priority. Maybe then rent a bike or something for a few weekends and gradually take it from there.

    Oh BTW - welcome to NR. (y)

    Nice choice of bikes there ....
  15. Thanks guys!

    Maybe I should've mentioned that in between not having a bike for 2 years last time I rode was on 2 occasions :

    9 months ago in Thailand ( had a bike for a month) - if you can survive their 'streets' on a motorbike, you're doing something right!

    And 4 months ago ( for a week ) - Suzuki RGV

    Heading to Ducati, Peter Stevens and KTM today to get some info
  16. Good luck mate.......
  17. Hmmm

    Kwaka Er-6n is a nice bike and holy sh1t they are cheap!!!
  18. Very good point old bean.
  19. Good choice...............the learner legal version would be ideal.

    I ride the factory unrestricted ER6n - see my thread here if interested.

    I commute everyday on it
    I have done numerous 100, 200, 250+ km days on it and some two day rides.

    Very capable bikes - they are a demon through the traffic due to riding position and torquey twin. Good brakes too (y)
  20. Are we talking motorcycling here?