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Back on the bike!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NOT4US, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all!
    I'm new here and would like to introduce myself "formally" (sorry about the long story).

    I've ride motorbikes since I was 12 back in my native Spain but ever since moving to Sydney in 1998 (such a long time ago) to live with my wife I have been reluctant to ride in Australia as the rider-awareness sadly seemed a lot less than in Europe.

    However, I must say that in the last few years I've been seeing a lot more of this awareness and respect for riders so I decided to get back into riding. Even more so after bloody RTA mocked me around with my license (they said I couldn't validate my Spanish rider license because I had my car license validated over 5 years ago) only to finally give me my full license straight away a few weeks back.
    So with the license hot in my hands I started looking around for a ride.
    First I looked at mid-range used 4 in-line sports bikes but after putting my finances in order I decide I could afford something around $10K and decide to get a new bike (never had one new before, I know what you guys are going to tell me but I have always wanted a new bike and only now I can really afford it) so after test riding a Kawasaki Z750 at Flywheels in Alexandria (I live in Randwick so they are local to me) I decided that was it.

    I know, I should have tested some other bikes, but realistically and with my budget in mind this was the only real choice and after riding it I feel in love, such a smooth power delivery and plenty more on tap if needed. And even though it's heavy it doesn't feel like it .
    Plus I have always loved kwakas (my last ride was a ZZR 600) so everything came together.
    My wife has approved the ride, even though she wants a better pillion seat (we'll work something out) so that's 80% of the "work" done :wink: (and she's a great passenger!).
    Tomorrow I'm going to Flywheels to sign the papers and hopefully have the bike with me later this week or next week, can't wait!!!

    I'll have to go to some of the rides organized here as I've been reading these forums for a while (only registered the other day) and the community here seems great!

    So that's it for me for now, again, sorry about the "brick" of a post but I feel I had to tell someone about my soon-to-be new love!
  2. Welcome to NR, half your luck you can get a 'new' bike, enjoy!! And yes, great community here, get out with some of the crowd in NSW, if HALF as good as they are in Victoria, you'd be doing well :)
  3. Hola SeƱor, Welcome to NR and welcome back to riding. A very similar story to mine. I have been riding scooters, bikes etc since I was 12 and moved to Australia in 1996 and since the day I landed here, I have wanted to own/ride a bike here.

    But as such things happen, I got distracted with life and other things. However the bike bug just could not die and recently I gave in (very happily) to it. I got my L's sorted out and picked up a new Yamaha V-Star 650 a week after. (I could not find the overseas bike license and it was a pain to go back and get another one).

    So here we are - been riding since 21st April and having a blast.

    And yeah..NetRider rocks! I've attended the Learners session and also gone on 1 group ride which was just bloody fantastic. It has given me a tremendous confidence boost.

    HERE check this ride video out and you will understand what I mean. The roads here are awesome. :D

  4. Thanks for the welcome both goddie and Lazy Libran.
    I'm so nervous about getting a new bike!!!
    Lazy Libran, I know what you mean, lucky I managed to get my full license straight (I couldn't bring myself to ride 250's or limited bikes).
    That ride looks really sweet but I'm sure we have similar ones up here (Royal National Park comes to mind). But definitely what makes it awesome is the company...
    Once I'll get the Z I'll try to go to one of the meetings in Surry Hills and take it from there.
  5. No problemo, Senor! I was nervous as hell also. Even though I hadn't ridden here, I would ride whenever I would go back on holidays but still riding here is lot different.

    Riding in groups is so much fun as you are part of a like minded crowd. Plus while riding, the view of 10 bikes in the front and 10 bikes in the rear view mirror just gives one such a rush. And the best part is when all the bikes start together and start moving in a sort of convoy. That collective sound is just sweet music! :)

    When you do get the bike, post the pics!