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Back on the bike again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Gerry_75, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi guys and gals.
    After 15 years of not riding a bike, due to an overprotective ex gf from long ago, I decided to ride again.
    Bought myself a 2013 CB400 to allow myself to find my feet again and have a bit of fun.
    I'm in Tassie and our roads, although very well manned with mobile radar and stationary speed cameras (cash cows), are a lot of fun to ride.

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  2. Welcome back to the world of the living Gerry_75Gerry_75 and of course, to NR!
  3. Welcome back to moto heaven.

  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Thanks guys. Went for a ride tonight and can say that the air is absolutely freezing!
    Looks like I'll be investing in some thermals pretty damn soon.
    My thighs are still frozen.
  6. G'day Gerry_75 welcome to the site. What's that saying "GF's will come and go but bikes will always be" or was that just me saying that?
  7. That's it mate.
    I was young and dumb. Lol
  8. Welcome to NR! Awesome choice in bike :)
  9. My beautiful baby

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  10. Nice one very nice indeed
  11. Welcome Gerry
  12. Good that you're back on a motorcycle and welcome to the forum Gerry,
  13. Thanks guys.
    Weather has been atrocious here the past week, so I'm itchin' for some good weather so I can take her out again.
  14. Hi Gerry_75Gerry_75, welcome to NR and back to riding :) You live in Tassie and had to stop riding... Man, it's like you were asked to stop breathing! You've got great taste in bikes, your baby is gorgeous! CB400 in black is sooo sexy and classy!
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  15. Hi and welcome back to riding Gerry. Perhaps next time we make the trip across you can hook up for a ride with us?

    What part of Tas are you from?
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  16. Thank you
    Lovin the open roads again!
  17. I'm in NW Tassie.
    Great roads. Great fun.
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