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back on the bike after ???? years

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by theiceman, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. G'day guys, what a brilliant forum, posted once and already problem solved. After a few minor but long term injuries I had to give up 'no rules' mixed martial arts fights, and wife ok'd motorcycle instead. Just two days on KLR 650 and clocked up some serious rib and lung damage. What man couldn't do, machine certainly did... big time. Lesson learnt.

  2. Back in the good old days all the angles were easy, now I'm over thinking everything and being a complete sheilah since droppin it. Need a couple of cans of harden up.
  3. Ah, just rip in to it. Pain only hurts.
  4. so what problem was solved?
  5. My size 13 foot and attached big arse boot doesn't fit klr gear shift lever. Guy pointed me to motorrad website, and I think that will do the trick nicely. Good to know people happy to spend a couple of minutes to help someone they don't know.
  6. That's what this place is all about, iceman, connecting riders.

    And, like the famous Windmill Theatre in London, we never close.

    {We do have to stop Loz getting his gear off every now and then, but that's a different issue altogether :LOL:}.
  7. Or coming out of the closet :LOL:
  8. im sure youll get along with DOUGZ, loves his martial arts