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Back on NR :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Donshe, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thought Id put up a thread as I haven't been back on ehre in years.

    used to come out on rides and events when I first got my L's and had my 1989 Suzuki RG125, but after getting my p's I pretty much stopped riding and spent more time and money on my car.

    Recently bought another bike (late last yr) but havent really ridden it much as I have just gotten back form backpacking in Asia.

    Gota say Im awful at riding, so basically tryign to get back into it. Would be great if people could suggest some rider training courses and stuff.

    Also looking to buy some new gear, I have had a look on the classifieds here, are there any other places on the net where I could pick up bargains on boots/pants and the like?

    Anyways, hope to get back out there as I dont really know anyone that rides.

    Some pics

    My first bike (still have it, done 6000kms since new)


    The new bike (K7 GSXR600)



    My garage now


    And a bit random I know, but some pics from an absolutely beautiful ride I did in Northern Thailand a couple of weeks ago

  2. Nice!!!

    Hey it might be worth covering up your rego so no-one can find you ;) That is a very nice garage.
  3. welcome back mate :)

    ...welcome back :)
  5. Nice, but the whitewalls are a little meh.
  6. Holy sh*t !!

    Hey man, how you been?

    My younger brother rides the RG now, but its in a state of disrepair at the moment, but once its fixed up I intend on riding it again !

    The Gix is quick but I just don't get a kick out of it like I do when Im sitting in powerband :D

    What are you riding now, when we gona do another one of those rides where I catch up half an hour later :p

    Envy-T - Not everyones cup of tea but at least its better than the 4 different colours I had on there before lol
  7. still got the RS
    a staunt to the States, a girlfriend and the GFC have all kept me pretty broke, lol
  8. Welcome back.
  9. Welcome back mate.

    Nice Gizzer