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Back on netrider after a few years

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by benman-d, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have been away from Netrider for a while; I was re-motivateed to jump back on here after bike was nicked (See the stolen bikes thread). Anyway, should have jumped back on long ago, great people on here and miss it, been on some great group rides in the past. Been way too busy lately...

    If you're wondering why 'benman-d', it stuck for some reason after my first netrider group ride to Noojee (Good ride, but Nola had an off at the start of the ride which was no good). We had lunch, I ordered a man-burger, but waitress got my name wrong and was calling 'Mandy' when it was ready. So some of the lads (thanks boys) started calling me Mandy; for some reason, that's how they remembered who I was after the ride...

    Now, due to testosterone levels and keeping my pride, I cant stand for that sort of thing, so I morphed my username into a more blokey version, hence the man-d. Best of both worlds right... argh...

    Can't be bothered changing it now.

    Anyway, wonder how many familiar people still on here?

    See you around :)
  2. Welcome back (y)

    I won't be one of those familiar peoples of course.. hope you hook up with some of the guys you used to know :)
  3. Welcome.....and yes - I have seen the other post.....

    Your Sir do not need to introduce yourself......

    Good luck with the recovery
  4. Thanks SydMadAss125 and BitSar :)
  5. I'm still here
    Welcome back
  6. Welcome back ,
    I can only think of one Nola from Wima ?
    was a long time ago for sure