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Back on L's in Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Meko, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, I've been lurking a couple of weeks and it's time to say hello. You all seem like a great bunch of people, so much diversity.

    I was bitten by the bug when I rode my Aunts little Honda on her property at about 10 yo, not far, only a few times but I loved it. At around 25 I got my L's and bought a 98 GPX, it was a great bike to learn on and I got my P plates. I did something stupid on it and got a $2500 fine, didn't matter that I couldn't pay it because the bike was stolen a few weeks later, so bye bye licence. Got my car licence back, after a lot of saving, then had 2 little boys.

    They're 9 and 10 now and I got my L's back in February. I think they messed up because I only had to do the written test, but I'm not complaining. A few weeks ago I was feeling down while driving and a bike passed me. I impulsively went to the first bike shop I came to, and pretty much bought the first bike I saw.

    I ended up with a brand new Benelli Bn 302, heavier than the GPX but I'm starting to feel more confident on it. I really should have thought it through and shopped around but I'm actually happy with my choice, still not sure about the colour though. I had kind of outgrown the GPX, although I'd own one again in a heartbeat. It took me Sydney to Melbourne and back in comfort.

    One thing that concerns me is that cell phones weren't such a big thing in the late 90's, scary to be riding when so many people have their heads in their phones.

    Looking forward to getting to know my bike and getting to know you guys.
  2. Wow, that's what I like, firm and instant decision making! I only just got my L's yesterday, so hearing all these stories about mobile phone users is rather worrying. I'll need my wits about me alright.
  3. Welcome Meko, hope you can catch up with some of the Sydney riders. Not a lot of Benelli's on the site so post up your experiences with it as you go through your first year.
  4. Thanks Simmo but it was pretty stupid really, it's a big decision and deserves more thought than I gave it. I'm so happy I don't regret it, I got lucky, or fate or something.

    Thanks cjvfr, and I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction on the site.

    No, there aren't many around, which is kind of nice. It was actually my second choice, won't mention first choice but after I read the reviews I changed my mind. The Bn 302 have good reviews but I feel like a bit of a guinea pig. There have been some reliability issues with Benelli's, apparently, and it seems that people are waiting to see how the QJ, made in China thing works out. I did have a problem with leaking coolant, they pressure tested it and although the leak slowed it didn't stop. Then they changed the clasps last Friday and now there is a single drip each morning. It doesn't overheat but it still shouldn't be happening. I'm just watching it, taking photos, and hoping that it just stops, haha.
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  5. Sorry, 89 GPX not 98.
  6. Hi and welcome Meko. Gee, you must have done something REALLY bad to incur a $2500 fine, care to share with us? I'm guessing your first choice of bike may have been a Hyosung?

    Great lookin' bike you have there and remember to post up some pics when you can. Hope you enjoy many fun-filled adventures on your new ride. Cheers.
  7. Thanks Ned, no it was a Daelim.

    Well my bike was two days out of rego and I was late to work so speeding, unregistered and uninsured, and I didn't have my licence on me.
  8. Ouch! Expensive day. Happier times ahead on the BN Meko.
  9. Welcome. I'm glad you like the new bike, because I would struggle terribly to buy something with a Euro heritage, made by Chinas. Certainly the guinea pig. Come for a ride sometime..
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  10. Oohaah, I'm a Member now, thanks guys.

    I'm trying to ride every day, just for the experience, confidence, running in and getting to know the bike. Finish at 5 and it's freezing, flu, blah excuses.

    Don't have many pics, don't like to use these because of the oil shart from my $1500 car, and the obvious reasons (can't see the bike, don't like flashing my little ones around). Will take better pics soon.

    View attachment 37899
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  11. image.
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  12. That's a nice shiny new bike, MekoMeko! Welcome to Netrider.
  13. #13 Meko, Aug 8, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
    Thank you XJ6N.

    Loving the weekends!
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  14. welcome aboard meko :] that's a great looking bike and a great colour too
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  15. Thanks Jeffco. Love the bike, wish I'd got white though.

    There's always the second guessing. Six months ago I was getting excited about a CB 125 so no regrets.
  16. Welcome to netrider.
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