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Back on it again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 1WDrive, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Merry Christmas all and hello. I have been reading in this forum a bit latey and thought I might sign up and see where it leads, bit like when I jump on the bike.
    Have gotten back into it after a few ( read 10) years off the horse due to the usual house, family things that lead to the inevitable mid life crises.
    That started when I saw vtr1000, didn't know what it was but loved the look and sound of it. Did a bit of looking into it and now there is one parked up in the garage - the lounge would be pushing it a bit with the minister for warfare!
    Haven't owned a V2 before and always loved the sound of a Ducati and can't stand the sound of the "wet fart" Harley. So the Honda seems to have it all in terms of reliability, sound and get up and go.

    Perhaps the only thing I don't like is it seems a bit little, as in on the cramped side. Maybe I'm just getting old and need something a bit more upright. I will stick with it but wouldn't mind having a crack a big naked like a CB1300, GSX1400 or XJR.


  2. Wow, back in it at the deep end with a 1000, good on ya!!!

    The VTR IS a great sounding bike, just a tad thirsty for its tank size if you wick it up, which I'm sure you won't do!

    You should investigate fleabay and places like it for a set of riser bars, they are the solution for the comfort thing.

    Happy riding and congrats on keeping your bike licence current!!!!!
  3. Thanks Hornet,
    Don't want to have to wring the neck out of something to get it going so love the grunt you get from a larger donk:D And because I'm not a Casey Stoner around corners, Its nice give it some comming out.
    As for the licence, its just another letter on the plastic that keeps going as long as you keep paying and be a good law abiding citizen. (Unless I've slipped through the cracks somehow)