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Back on bike after 20 years

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by potatomasher, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. :grin: Just bought myself a 1250 Bandit a couple of weeks ago after not owning a bike for nearly 20 years [last one was a GSX1100]

    I'm surprised about a few things:

    - how much bikes have improved
    - how much more everything costs
    - how sore my left wrist is from the clutch

    only put 400 km on it so far, but the bandit seems like a top machine
  2. Oh, bikes are SO much better than they were 20 years ago! In every way. Welcome back.
  3. golden oldies are taking over this site, welcome bud :)
  4. Welcome back to riding and Netrider, potatomasher. Enjoy the Bandit 1250 !
  5. welcome back to riding :grin:

    i wasnt around 20 years ago, so i dont think i can comment on riding back then :)
  6. I was

    he's right

    Welcome (back) :)
  7. Welcome back aboard. :) Can't comment on road bikes from 20 years ago but my first (family) kwaka Ag bike (from early-mid 70's) on the farm's got nothing on nowadays fang dangled fancy kids machines!.

    Stay upright dude, don't want you looking like a mashed potato!! :grin:
  8. Welcome and congrats on your choice of bike.
    Have you adjusted the clutch span?

    Its a light clutch compared to some I have used.
  9. yes - i have moved both the brake and the clutch inwards - i found them both a bit of a reach - although my hands arent very big anyway. its quite a natty adjuster
  10. good choice
  11. thanks - i am really pleased with it
  12. Welcome from tassy potatomasher :) Have got 900 hornet bought Dec 08 have done 7000 Km's. Like the bikes we also get better with age :cool: Enjoy your new bike and ride safe :)
  13. Hi Potatomasher. After a similar break I'm also back on two wheels and know the absolute highs you're going thru on your return. Keep safe, and keep enjoying. cheers.
  14. I am having such a blast!! it's now got 1500 km on it so i can take it to 7000 rpm according to the manual.....although that is proving to be a bit hard as 7000 rpm in 2nd or 3rd is at least three or four kilometres per hour over the 60 speed limit.

    I must admit i had forgotten how much fun zipping around on a bike is [and i also cant believe the amount of whack the bike has that's for sure].

    i am doing one of those stay upright advanced courses on friday and am really interested to see how it goes - it's on out at oran park
  15. Straight to an advanced?
  16. did the stay upright course.......WHAT A BLAST!!

    had a great time and I cant believe how good going around track was - could have done it all day

    might do the advanced 2 one in a couple of months - i had a really good day and i am so surprised i was as good as i was [pardon my self-congratulation but i havent ridden in 20 years] The bandit was absolutely great - so much power out of the corners and i wasnt even trying - i had a great time.......if i didnt live in an apartment i would put in my own race track
  17. Welcome back to the motorcycle community.
  18. Potatomasher :?:
    Welcome back to the fun and games :roll:

    But dont forget mate this is good for the soul :grin:

    Cheers Bruce