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Back on a bike !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Barfin, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Hi y'all,
    I started off as a kid on a scooter my parents got me because I wasn't into horses and we were on a farm. So the disease started early... Paddock-bashed the scooter for a while, then worked up to a GT80, XR250, and a TT350 that saw a bit of racing (and lots of crashing). I was really keen on getting a road bike, but got taken out at an intersection and lost interest for a few years. 20 years in fact, although I did race a car and Superkart over that period, and looked at a LOT of bikes. Then about 4 years ago I bought a scooter, last of the BeeWees. Magic fun ! Rode that for a year, and then lashed out on a 750 Monster, mainly because of the look and the sound, but it also felt like a big trail bike... When it worked that is.
    So I sold it and kept riding the BeeWee, and started looking for the next bike. I was keen on the CB400, because being a Honda it would be reliable, it was short enough my short legs would reach the ground, it has ABS which these days for me is a must, and to my eyes it's gorgeous. But I didn't like the new ones with the black engines - I liked the older ones with the silver engine, so I went searching, and testing various other bikes.
    Finally found my perfect bike last week - 2009 CB400 with ABS, red/white/blue with Gold wheels, and less than 5000 kays! Test rode it Thursday, bought it Friday, rode it all weekend. Magical. Love the VTEC !!!
    So I'm signing up to netrider tonight, because I'm here to stay. Life is too short to sit and watch.

  2. Oops, first typo... It wasn't the last of the BeeWees, just the last of the 2-stroke ones. Which are the real BeeWees to me, I'm not too keen on the 4 stroke ones. Everyone is a snob about something ;-)
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome...
  5. Welcome to NR Barfin...I didn't know bees wee'd but then I don't know much about much!
    Enjoy the ride and don't forget to post pics.
  6. Welcome.

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one around here with good taste! :)

    Proper scooters really have to be two-stroke. ;-)
  7. Howdy :) I know how good it feels to be back on a bike after a big break! Enjoy :)
  8. Hey Barfin, welcome to the Net. Funny how parents want you to like one thing but you really know what you want. I did the parent = horse, me = motorbike thing too when I was a nipper and I'm still enjoying the ride
  9. Yeah, its funny how that works... the horses are long gone, but bikes are forever :)
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