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Back on 2 wheels, Campbelltown NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dutchee, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. G'day everyone,

    New to netrider, not so new to the motorised 2wheeler concept.
    Picked up my brand new Yamaha MT-09 Tracer up about a month ago now
    and been loving every moment off it. It's been about 4 years since last riding
    a bike, so just to feel that rush again is great.
  2. G'day and welcome, DutcheeDutchee. Great choice of new motorcycle - do you plan to do a bit of touring on it?
  3. Yeah definitely a great bike, especially when it comes with the panniers already. Looking to do some touring in the future with it. For now it's just been commuting and a weekend scratch.
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  4. Welcome back to the road, and to Netrider..
  5. Thanks Hornet.
  6. Hello and welcome to NR DutcheeDutchee. Great choice of a bike, hope you post few pics :)
    I just passed my licence test, so am looking at looong 3 years of being restricted to LAMS. But I'm looking at Tracer as my "grown up" ride. Would love to hear about your experience with it, especially when you start touring.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. You don't hear about too many people buying the Tracer - interesting choice.

    Were you passed to the left hand side as a young 'un?
  9. Thanks, Fr33dm, Jeffco and Lionz.

    Wow its 3 years now, mine was like 18 months but this is 10 years ago now.
    Had my unrestricted bike license while I was still on P's in the cage haha.
    My Experience with the Tracer is about 600km's so far hasn't even reached it's first service yet.
    I will post some photo's up in the near future pretty bog standard other then the Akra pipe.

    Haha yes I was passed on the left hand side as a young 'un what gave that away :p.
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  10. How's the Tracer going Dutchee? Any pics/mods yet?
  11. G'day Ned, the Tracer is going good. Reached the 1000km mark so she's going for the first service on Tuesday.

    Mods so far are full Akrapovic exhaust system with the baffle out a radguard and got rid of the silly amber reflectors on the back.

    Just took some pictures in the driveway after giving the chain and bike a clean. To exited every time I'm out to think about taking pictures haha. IMAG0542. IMAG0541. IMAG0539.
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  12. Hey dude fellow rider from campbelltown just got my r1 and loving it if u wanna night ride soe time hit me up