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WA Back on 2 wheels after 15 years

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by welsh ogre, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I , as the title says just got back on 2 wheels after a15 year break, I have become the proud new owner of a Honda CB900 Hornet and very nice it is too. I have come here to hopefully learn of a way to shift those huge exhaust cans from under the seat into the more conventional set- up. I would like a 4 into 1 pipe running out along the driver's side swing arm. I have seen it on a Hornet whilst I was on foot in the street the other day and it totally suits the streetfighter look.
    If anybody can give me some advice on how to make this happen I would be very grateful, I really have no knowledge of anything 'bike' now and have to start somewhere. Happy riding!!!

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  2. Can't help you on the mods, but would suggest a refresher riding course if it's been a long while between rides!

    Not sure what the set up is over in WA for refresher rider training - but it is strongly recommended. Cheers
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  3. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR
  4. My god, you're not Welsh are you?

    By the way, welcome, there's quite a few of us who have had a break now back in the saddle
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  5. Welcome to the asylum mate
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. welcome to Netrider and back to two wheels welsh ogrewelsh ogre ....I am one of the returned ones too :)
  8. G'day
    I am just a bit curious...which side is the driver's side?
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  9. Haa-Haa, thanks for pointing that out, it's been way too long that I have been driving cars, so of course, I meant the right.
  10. Thanks for that, strongly recommended by whom?
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  11. Thanks David, it's like I never stopped, I cannot think why I did.
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  12. gday welsh ogrewelsh ogre and welcome to NR - congrats on your triumphant return to riding!
  13. Howdy welsh ogrewelsh ogre - good luck with the mods, it sounds v interesting! When you get it done, post piccies up!! we looooove piccies here :) And good luck getting your training wheels off again :) nothing nicer than riding!
  14. By any experience rider, any RTO, any road safety agency, anyone with half a brain...

    If you haven't ridden in a while, refresher training can only help.
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  15. #15 chilliman64, Oct 17, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016
    don't worry about refresher training, just get out there and thrash it - you'll be fine:emoji_thumbsup:

    I hope!
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