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Back Into The Fold..

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Denelor, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    Just a short note reintroducing myself to everyone here.

    I joined netrider back in 2006, after i'd sold my 2000 Honda CBR600 (possibly one of the best bikes i've ever ridden). At the time my then girlfriend (now wife) had decided to resit her learner's permit for the third time.. She passed and so the hunt for a 250 was on. $2k later i was the proud owner of possibly the WORST bike i'd ever owned - an old zzr250 which had had the lights cut in and out over any significant bumps in the road!

    How i didnt kill myself commuting from the SE suburbs to Bundoora, i'll never know. As it turns out my wife decided not to sit her licence for the third time, and her learner's permit expired yet again..

    Fast forward 6 years.. I'd rediscovered my love of bikes through several scooter trips around phuket. I also enjoyed hiring out a CB400 there - great little bike! I decided to comprimise by committing the unforgiveable sin of buying a 50cc scooter..

    It'll be cheap to run, cheap to rego and won't go fast enough for me to get into any danger.. A great little scooter for what it was, but really no substitute for a motorcycle. And so now i am in the process of buying a bike through a fellow NR member and plan to rejoin you all on group rides as time permits over summer (maybe winter). I now live way out in the bush in Portland, but if there are any fellow NR members nearby hopefully we can organise a coffee/group ride at some stage!
  2. Welcome to the NR fold, Denelor. Not much wrong with a 50cc scooter, as long as the rider doesn't conform to the stereotype :)

    Having read the other thread, I can confirm you have excellent taste in choosing a new bike. Enjoy it to the fullest, it's a capable, plush and under-rated steed.
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  3. I am sure people laugh at me.. 6'6" clad in leathers riding around on a tiny scooter

    Yes, its amazing how your perspective changes.. 10 years ago i was on my cbr 600, today the cbf1000 is much more my style of bike. As i live out in Portland, i definately plan to take advantage of the country roads (pity there are so many potholes, but i digress)
  4. Haha! You're a full foot taller than me. Still, the CBF1000 is flexible enough to accommodate both of our frames.

    As far as practicality combined with usable performance goes, not many other bikes deliver a better deal. I often take mine between Sydney and Brisbane, and it's tailored for the run, maintaining a fine balance of comfort, stability and plushness.

    A Victoria trip may be on the cards next month. If so, I'll let you know and we can compare notes. Have fun :)