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Back in the Saddle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ron T, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Hi All,
    It's been over 20 yrs since I have been on a bike.
    Started riding my sons GS500 about 5 months ago , convinced the wife I need a bigger bike.
    So,got myself a Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird about 5 weeks ago, took my time to
    Get the feel of a faster bike. but do enjoy riding.
    Cheers Ron

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  2. Welcome to the forum mate
  3. Welcome to NR

  4. G'day and welcome. Love your style. Warm up with a 500 then step up to an 1100!
  5. One of the advantages of keeping your licence motorcycle-endorsed!!

    Welcome, Ron..
  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Welcome to Netrider Ron!
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Good for you, Ron! Welcome.
  10. G'day Ron TRon T, a few of us here have had a hiatus from riding, welcome back
  11. gday Ron TRon T and welcome to NR and welcome back to riding - it's always good to see you old farts getting back on two wheels! (you've got me beat by a year lol)

    love the bike you've chosen, would love to see some pics when you can post some up.
  12. Hi Chillman64'
    Thanks for that (Old Farts) compliment.
    Just got to work out how to upload them?.
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  13. Cheers
  14. So true
  15. Thanks
  16. I think you may now have enough posts to allow you to put up some pics. one of the easiest ways is to save the pics to your hard drive (or memory stick) start a new post, click the 'upload a file' button at the bottom of your post and the rest is easy.

    good luck mate!

    edit: another little tip for, to highlight a member's name in a post type the @ button immediately before their name and the post will someone them to the thread just like the internet version of the piedpiper! Ron TRon T
  17. Welcome to NR. I also had a 20+ year break from riding.
  18. Weeeeeelcome to the nut house Ron TRon T ... Was about time you got back on! Jeez, how do people survive with such big breaks in their riding careers? :rolleyes: I guess the joys of the new beast of a bike will make the smile all that much sweeter! :)
    Stay upright!
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    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016
    Family and other financial impediment seem to get in the way - do I get a bike or a bigger car for the expanding family? when you're the sole income earner you sometimes have to forego some of life's luxuries(and a bike is deemed a luxury by some) for the greater good, that's why you see so many MLC riders, family grown, finally some disposable income, lets spoil ourselves
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  20. Point Rus LerRus Ler ! Just like your tag under your avatar states "being an adult" thing just isn't working out!!
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