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Back in the Saddle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ethos, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm just quickly re-introducing myself. My name's Ethan, I'm 24, and I have bought myself another Suzuki GS500 after a little hiatus (this time in a much better colour: grey and black *woop woop*).

    I'm over the moon to be back on a bike, I should never have sold my first GS. So hello (again).

    Also I'm new to Sydney (from Canberra), and would love to meet some new people. My skill level is somewhere between "holy crap I'm a n00b" and Casey Stoner. More likely closer to the former, though.

    PM me if you'd be keen to ride and you live in Sydney !

  2. Howdy Ethan.
    I'm on my first GS500 and see you've signed up for another round on this classic bike.
    Good on ya, mate.

  3. Welcome EthosEthos
    Doing a ride next wednesday. See the ride events forum.
    You are most welcome.
    Enjoy your return to riding
  4. welcome back :)
  5. Welcome back. Plenty of rides in the Sydney area....
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Hi Ethan and welcome back.

    Where abouts are you? Any place within Cooee of Beecroft?
  8. Hi Cam, thanks! I'm living in Coogee at the moment, keen for a blat
  9. Thanks, I'd be keen. May just see you there