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Back in the saddle!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DarrylD, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    What a great forum which really helped me out when choosing a new bike a couple of months back.

    I hadn't been on a bike for nearly 25 years as family and finances took priority. Kids have now grown up and moved out so I bought a nice new 2013 Honda VT750S this October. It's a sedate bike with a nice retro look and feel, and it doesn't cramp my shredded knees. I have 1600 kms up on it now and use it to get to work plus short blasts when I can get away and it's not pouring on the weekends (lot of that lately)

    Also have a 1986 Yamaha RZ350FS which I've owned since new and was the last bike I road.
    It is now a restoration project after I garaged it in 1989 following my 3rd decent get-off. I was a ten-tenths adrenalin junkie (ie, idiot) back then but I couldn't kill that sweet stroker. It's looking like a tough job to get it back on the road but it was such a good bike that I have to give it a go.

    Anyway, I hope to contribute where I can, maybe get on some group rides, and I'll continue to mine the incredible amount of info and experience on these pages.

  2. Welcome to NR , Darryl !
  3. Welcome, very nice bike!
  4. not as nice as mine though is it?
  5. Hello and welcome, I started off on one of the those Shadow things too, didn't keep it long though, the VT400 was a bit underdone on the highway.
  6. Lol I didn't even see this! No, yours is the prettiest red one :p
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  7. thanks for the welcome, guys, and presumably girl (Angie) although one never knows these days :confused:

    pwbike, I get what you mean with the 400 - it would be way underpowered as my 750 is no rocket and has a lot more grunt than horses. The difference with this bike compared to the Shadows is that this isn't a cruiser, it's more a 'standard' or roadster. Awesome ergonomics with mid-set pegs and decent seat height at around 750mm. This model has been on the market unchanged since 2010 but I still might put up a review on here as there really isn't much local feedback and Honda are issuing it again in 2014.

    As for Uncle Greg and Angie, I obviously don't get the reference but it does look like getting a room is in order ;)

  8. Definitely all-original female! And haha, no comment.
  9. Oh , puurleease , do tell :D:D
  10. Lol! Wasn't that enough? :p
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  11. I should have looked closer at your bike and the female symbol under your user name - a bit of a giveaway really :)
  12. Hehe just a bit :)
  13. Make me!! :)
  14. Welcome to Netrider Darryl.
    Welcome back to fun on 2 wheels
  15. Angies HOT and can cook