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Back in the saddle!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DYG58, May 31, 2013.

  1. 15 years is a long time! I had to start again! On my L's. Picked up a new shiney Honda CB500F today. Light and lot faster the my old BM rs75!! Nice ride up to Palm Beach. The traffic is sooo close. This is going to get interesting but man it was fun!! Stay tuned ..........

  2. How is the 500F??? That's the bike i'm dreaming about atm! So jealous of you :p
  3. Don't really know yet. I haven't got anything I can compare it to! My last bike was 15 years ago, a 62 BMWRS 75, 0 - 60k in about 3 days!! The CB is a little more responsive. Stay tuned.
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  4. Welcome, I went 335 years in between at least it seemed that long.
  5. Yeh it's barely been one day, of course lol, was just a little too excited! Welcome btw.. and enjoy the shiny new bike!
  6. mmm so wanted one but the budget couldn't stretch. Maybe next time... if I don't get a KTM 390 instead. I've heard the 500 is pretty good. Enjoy.
  7. Mr DYG, be careful on that McCarrs Creek road, good twisties but shocking surface. Nice for a casual spin though.
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    One of the ladies at work told me her husband was getting a motorbike today (Saturday) after a ~40 year absence from riding. He only held his L's all those years ago so LAMs for him as well.

    ...and the Lycra crowd can become tedious at times. Normally I'll only take it in the downward direction (Terry Hills to Bayview) as most of the pushy's prefer to ride up. The surface isn't that bad but be careful after it rains - plenty of running water coming out of the bush.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Sunny outside so it's off to ride we go.
  10. OK ride, the northern beaches on a Saturday morning is friggin crazy! Up early tomorrow I think. Back to being a grom (all the surfers will know what that means)
  11. Couldn't help myself, been on the bike most of the day. O what fun it is to ride etc etc etc :)