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Back in the saddle

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Gobberwart, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. As many of you may already know, about six weeks ago I lost my previous bike after an incident on the Mansfield-Whitfield Road on a group ride with some other Netriders. It's been a long and miserable six weeks without my ride, but I'm very excited and happy to say that my insurance payment finally came through this week and coincided with what I reckon is the perfect replacement, so here she is...



    Yep, she's another red 2010 VStar 650. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit. Hey, when something's right for you, why change it? This one's a little bit different from the last one. It's got a sissy bar/luggage rack and some sweet V&H Cruzers which I really wanted to put on last time but couldn't afford. I'm definitely going to need earplugs now LOL. It's also got aftermarket tail light and indicators which give it less of a fat arse. Doesn't have a windscreen though, which I had before... not sure what I think about that yet. I rode it home on the freeway yesterday and didn't really notice much of a difference so.. shrug.

    Anyway, I'm pretty bloody happy and excited and stuff, so here it is, hope you like it, and stiff bikkies if you don't :p See ya on the road brothers and sisters :)

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  2. Very nice!!! Good extras on it too, the different pipes certainly make a difference don't they? It's nice to to have a bike that sounds like a washing machine with stock pipes. Like the sissy bar, that's an extra I'll be adding to my own bike. Think I'll buy the handle grips I've been after first though.

    Have fun with the bike!!!
  3. Thanks mate! Cruzers make a huge difference to the sound of the bike. Riding home yesterday I kept thinking there was another bike next to me and had to keep reminding myself that it was me making all that noise LOL. I used to call my old bike "Beyonce" because I reckon it sounded like a sewing machine, so it was a Singer with a big arse :D

    I wouldn't mind some decent grips on this one. It actually had gel grips fitted when I first saw it, but they were cheap and badly installed (the throttle grip kept sliding off and was coming apart) so I had them put the originals back on.

    I just got done putting the Airhawk cushion back on, so I'm ready to go for a ride. Off to Daylesford for the weekend in a couple of hours. Might have to go over Mt. Macedon on the way, just for the hell of it :D
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  4. I know what you mean, it takes a while to get used to the fact that it's your bike the sound is coming from... and it's mean! Turns it into a real beast! LOL about calling your other bike Beyonce, I like the logic you used there!

    Wow, that's shitty! When my friend was changing the bars on my bike the rubber on the left grip was glued to the stock bar... wonder who the genius was that thought that was a good idea?! Lol! He was able to get it off in tact using a thin screw driver. I wasn't too worried about it anyway since I plan on buying these for my bike soon anyway:


    Nice! Mt Macedon is great, but when you get to those hairpins with the 10km advisory sign they really do mean 10km! I think I had to idle around those turns! :p
  5. Welcome back, Gobber.

    See you in the near future.

    Nice bike, that one.
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  6. Whoever had the bike before me has done a few mods himself and done a shitty job. The sissy bar was mounted crooked, the grips were busted, and highway bars were wonky. I had to get Peter Stevens to fix it all before I picked it up. All good now though :)

    As for the skull-head levers... LOL, not really my style, but I'll live with it for the time being :D

    Needless to say, he's traded it in for a Harley ;)
  7. I hope this guy doesn't do any mods on his new Harley, he'll embarrass the crap out of himself if he screws those up! A good friend of mine puts stuff on my bike for me, and he does a great job. He used to be a mechanic too, so that's very handy :)

    I wonder why the guy that had your bike bothered with mods for the V Star when he was just going to buy a Harley later on anyway? If I bought another bike I'd be keeping my V Star as well because I like it so much, so then I could justify spending so much money on it. Spent a bit over $1,500 already and there's plenty more to go. Oh well, I'll have it just the way I want and it's my baby :D
  8. Nice purchase @Gobberwart. You should have many an enjoyable hour cruising on this one.
  9. Good news, mate, from a practical AND a therapeutic point of view!
  10. Very nice. Enjoy!
  11. She looks pretty........you gonna name this one Gobbs.
  12. Good on you back on the road, very nice machine!!! :D
  13. Good stuff, Gobbs. Glad you've found the right ride for you.
  14. Took ya bloody long enough mate :p. Seriously though, congrats!
  15. Thanks everyone :)

    There, I fixed it for you :p Heh, but thanks :D Cheers for the offer of the loan too, mate, even though I never got around to it.

    Yeah, probably. I'm a sentimental fool like that. Need to think of something appropriate.
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  16. Firey? Because it's red and loud like a firetruck?

    Facepalm, how terribly corny :)
  17. So, when do we see her? Coming to practice tomorrow?
  18. Good to see you have a new steed.
  19. Congrats mate :) Looks gorgeous! (y)