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Back in the 90's life wasnt so easy.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by AznCruiser, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Backkkk in my days, life was sooo difficult.............


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  2. Yep, remember all that.

    I always get amused by some of the graduates we get through work. Quite a few don't know how to fill out a bank deposit slip.

    Had a temp who was early twenties once, was filling in for the MDs Executive Assistant. She came to me asking for a cash cheque for the MD, wrote one out of his personal cheque book and gave it to her. Next thing I see her walking out the door with it. She hadn't bothered to get him to sign it first.....................and yes she was blonde.
  3. Lucky his parents weren't Amish.
    Farkin whinger.
  4. Need to call home - don't have a quarter... not so 90's

    I was on my 3rd mobile by the start of the 90's (a motorola bag phone then a motorola original brick phone then the motorola thinner grey brick phone then the motorola thinnest brick phone in black in about 95). After that I had a couple of big soap bar style nokias which took full size (credit card) sized SIMs (and it still was barely 2000).
  5. kids these days probably don't know who kurt cobain is
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    all these young whipper snappers n there xbox's n playstations...FOOLS...i had a commodore 64 with river raid n beamrider n pitfall ...not to mention wizard of wor...BEST GAME EVER....**** YOU PACMAN...how can you beat that audio???

    and then technology went insane ! they had a scope gun for super nintendo that was like a rocket launcher ![media=youtube]AQCK-KylXK8[/media]

    and then of course...the simple things in life - like watching recovery...agro's cartoon connection....garfield...

    being able to go to the cinema's on a tuesday for $5...instead of what - $18 dollars now?

    waiting for the footy to come on tv...hoping that your teams game would be shown this week

    ugh...the one thing...that i've even written to pizza hut about...is bringing back the bloody bigfoot pizza's they had back in the day THAT SHIT...WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY BIRTHDAYS WHEN I WAS A KID

    AND THESE !! why did they start closing down all the express pizza huts in west sydney...bloody jewbags

    yes...i frigging love my pizza.
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  7. back in my day, we knew how to have a good time on a sixpence.

    when they landed on the moon (1969 for you dont knows) our class moved across the road to a pupils house, to watch it, cos the chool didnt have a tv.

    when traffic lights had a dial that showed how much green was left so you knew to stop in time when it changed to red.

    when you regularly decoked your car engine.

    when crossply tyres went thumpety thump on the road if you didnt move the car at least once a week.

    when cars had a lock on the passenger side, and none anywhere else.

    when you could go down the beach with 14 people in a small car, and it was ok.

    when people only knew your relationship status - if you told em.

    when you waited two weeks to find out your photos turned out shite.

    when you rocked up to the chinese joint with a saucepan to get your takeaway rice.

    when you were allowed to wear long pants (finally) because you turned 13

    people in the nineties had it so good!.
  8. I do too. I also remember it wasn't so bad... We had social life, yes, before facebook - imagine that! Girls and boys still managed to hook up (and break up). People communicated even without mobile phones and economy still functioned, arguably better than it does now.
  9. And there I was thinking he was dead...
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  10. ha ha those are great.. and I can recall all such situations.
  11. You lucky.....................I had a piece of straw to make calls ;-).

    If you havent used a straws to make calls then you wont know what im talking about :)...............
  12. Yep, our local priest used to have pie nights after footy & netball training on a Thursday night, there was a social night on a Friday night and always something on a Saturday night after night mass.

    The best place to hook up back then was a the local footy match on a Sunday.
  13. Mine still do :)
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    I remember getting into lots of trouble colouring in our black and white TV after seeing a colour one at the store.

  15. Imagine waiting a whole day to download a few minutes of p0rn :p.........damn dial up.

    So if you wanted to see naked women you actually had to visit your girlfriend.........internet would have taken days :p.
  16. You got sixpence :eek:

    Traffic lights with a dial? Don't remember that, but I like the Mexican lights where the pedestrian figure starts running as time to cross expires...

    Only 14 pax: what was it, a Mini? ;)

    Chinese joint? Only existed in Honky Fid, no such fing around post-war East London....
  17. yeah I do recall heading to the speedway one night with a LOT of people in a Valiant sedan.
  18. The 90's? I spent the first half of the 90's digging old farm machinery out of a sand pit and rounding up sheep on my pushy, so they wouldn't crap all over the dirt roads...

    The playstation was released in 91 or 92, so you can't use that line here :p
  19. back in my day we had to walk 20 miles to work with bare feet
    and a bottle of whiskey cost 50 pence
  20. :LOL: Reminds me of this:
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