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Back in black

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paulzxr, May 27, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Some of you MAY remember me, used to go just as Paulie. I rode a zxr400 and got taken out by a B double a few years back (theres a post on here somewhere with the story). Anyways, as its been so long I forgot my password and the email I was using is no longer in existence so had to start a new handle. So, if any of the mods would be happy to let me have my old handle back that would be great but hey, whatever.

    I have a kawasaki zxr750 now, I love it to death! its in the shop getting resprayed in jet black at the moment, trying to find some front side fairings though as the ones I have are REALLLY poor... if anyone has or knows of a pair (1993 model). I will be forever in your debt

    Anyways, soon baby soon I'll have my shiny black bike back and might tag along on a few rides again as its been WAY too long

  2. Welcome back.
    How long have you been back on a bike for?
  3. welcome back, I only had a minor off, but B Double, now them there's some braggin rights!!
    Nice to hear you're back on 2 wheels, take care, enjoy and as always, keep smiling :)
  4. Welcome (back) to NR :)
  5. Nasty!
    Welcome back mate,

  6. Welcome (back)