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Back in Bla... err Blue!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jaytee, May 15, 2015.

  1. It's back where it belongs...


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  2. Goodo, got tired of that bent logo :)
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  3. Honestly JayteeJaytee I've been keeping an eye on you avatar for signs of being fixed for what seems like ages. It must have felt even longer for you. This is great news!

    Welcome back =D
  4. The bike was fixed a while back.. i just caved in and paid the excess.. :) Just another sad insurance story...
  5. Woooohoooo...doing a little dance for you! :p great news JayteeJaytee I saw your blue avatar and nearly thought tweren't you!!!
  6. Thanks OldmaidOldmaid , i thought i'd match the bike colour..
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  7. Blue bikes are the best. Exact same colour as my GS500
  8. Good news you've got the moto back.

    You weren't at fault correct? - Why the excess?
  9. BitSarBitSar - The bike was fixed about 5 weeks ago.. SWANN were quick to have it assessed and repaired.

    Now here's the sticky part..

    My bike has been sitting on the repair shop floor for the better part of 5 weeks whilst the insurance company chase the driver (who has been dodging all contact attempts). They WILL NOT do anything more than send a letter, fire off an SMS, or try a random call. This will continue indefinitely until the driver makes contact with them.

    As SWANN haven't suffered a financial loss (they haven't received the repair bill from the bike shop) they will not take any legal action against the driver, because until they get the bill they simply don't care as its costing them nothing.

    Long story short.. I had to pay the $1000 excess (goes back to my original reply to you) or $400 plus $600 for being on P plates, to get my bike back.

    Why pay you ask? It wasn't your fault!! - I know right, but i don't want my fixed bike sitting in a shop for months on end whilst i'm (1) paying for rego and (2) paying for insurance on something i'm not using.

    So now I'm paying under protest to get my bike back and so that they finally get the repair bill and have to take action against her.. They said something along the lines of if i pay now, and they recover costs etc they will give me the $1000 back as i'm not at fault.

    I take that last comment with a grain of salt, i've basically put it down as a hit and run in my mind and that i've lost the $1000 which i'm prepared to cop, I just wanted to get on with the job of riding and enjoying my life.

    ^^ Thats it in a nutshell

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  10. Wow mate what a Saga......

    Sounds logic there - I hope it all comes out in the wash.
    Time for another ride....
  11. Just got back from a quick spurt to AMX and back.. nice to get the cob webs out, but i was like a duck to water..

    The Pirelli's certainly make the ride feel better than my previous set of tires..

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