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Back from FIFO - got the bug :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sven27, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, very informative bunch of guys here, some great reads and pics :).

    Well I have just finished 7 years of FIFO life, working on the most remote/beautiful corners of this great country. For the past 2 months am trying to adjust back to the normal life in a big city :)

    Traveling to work consists of being quashed like a sardine on a train - although have to say they actually run on time and are reliable :)
    The other option is paying for the privilege of being stuck in the worlds biggest and most expensive car park M5/M2/M7 and being either slowed or hindered in some way by numerous colourful CAMRY drivers along the way.

    My youngest daughter expressed an interest in getting a scooter so as good daddy's go I took her to a scooter shop, made her see all the different ones, colours, shapes, sizes and makes.
    After a bit of thought my daughter suggested that a bike might be better so another weekend and a different set of shops and then I saw her - a Honda CB400 :)

    I will still get a 250 for my daughter :)
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  2. Great mid size allrounder the Honda 4
  3. I used to have a GSX-R400 when much younger and traveled over 100k on it, great nimble bike in the 80s :)
  4. Welcome back to the city with all it's dangers.
  5. Hi Sven27Sven27 and welcome. What a great dad! Is your daughter going to join us on NR as well if she gets the 250?
  6. Welcome back to the roads two-wheeled version. I had to travel into Sydney last Thursday for an old Netrider's funeral; even out of peak hour it, was just awful in a car.
  7. Hehe only if there's a mobile phone app :)
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  8. I hear you :)
  9. FIFO...Fit In Or F**k Off???
  10. Welcome back! Yep daylight robbery with the tolls..used to be $35 a day on the bike to POWH for $15 a fortnight petrol...
    I considered it a treat to occasionally ride to work...and then one treat day copped a $104 parking fine in the hospital staff carpark! :(
    Bus then looked mighty fine for the most part...
    Get used to the tolls oh and they go up with great frequency -supposedly in line with CPI that never flows on to salaries...
  11. And that's how it is. .......... definitely not for everyone :)
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  12. Hey Sven27, welcome to the site, and may I say that you won't only be a great role model for your daughter, but someone for her to share the rides and experiences with too. Enjoy yourselves and stay safe
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