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Back from brizzy: photos

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. hey folks

    I'm back from my 3 week biking odyssey to and from Melbourne & Brisbane.

    i'm going to write up a small exerpt on it at some stage since so much happened (car crashes, locust swarms, thunderstorms, fog, food poisoning, you know, the usual kind of stuff :D ).

    the only word to describe the trip is: incredible.

    got 10000kms on a 4 month old bike :D

    got a couple of photos from the trip, a number more are coming I just don't have them on me to put online, hope you like....

  2. nice snaps.

    i like the hotham one the best ;)

    where is hotham ?. did the stay the night there ?, or
    was the pasting through ?

  3. hotham is on the top of Mt Hotham along the great Alpine road(which comes off the hume hwy or pacific depending on which direction you're travelling) in Victoria.

    its big during the ski season but during the summer months it is completely empty.I stayed there for a night ($35 p/night and that was my view) coming in from the east the alpine road has some fairly quick corners all of which are cut into hte side of the hill, so often you're riding along sheer rock faces. pretty awesome.

    then going west from hotham the road leading down hte mounatins is about 20km of switchbacks. pretty tiring (specially since I did it in fog :shock: )

    it is a pretty awesome road and place
  4. Nice pics, a fan of depth of focus? are you studying art /design?
  5. Very nice! The Hotham one is my fave too! :D
  6. most definitely a fan of DOF pictures, not sure why - I just love their look.

    I'm not studying anymore thank the gods for that. was studying a wretched multimedia course last year (while working full time as an animator) Now I am just working full time as a 3d animator. I'm trying to get the hang of photography to improve my 3d work.

    trying being the key word.. :?
  7. That should be depth of field :oops:

    I seriously thought of going into 3D animation after doing industrial design at swin, but no jobs. where are you working?
  8. ironically I am working at swinburne itself (but not as a lecturer/tutor).

    I work for the Astrophysics dept as their animator (i make movies for them). 3d is very difficult to get into. you have to be very good to even be considered. and then initially you get paid half that of web designers (this quickly changes as you get more experienced :D )

    I spent two years in poverty just to get good enough (I studied from 9am til 12am pretty much every day, just to learn everything so no time for jobs). I'd say that only now after 4 years doing 3d am i good enough - I've just been very lucky.

    there are a lot of 3d jobs out there at the moment, you just have to be awesome to get them, and nobody is prepared to train you to get awesome. it is a horrible cycle, i lose sleep over it on a weekly basis. and if you don't wake up everyday thinking about 3d then it is the wrong career for you, most animators are obseesed with their work, which is good coz the hours are horrendous. :shock: :shock:

    it is the most rewarding job though, while travelling down from brizzy I actually met some people who had seen my work and knew the storyline, which was a pretty amazing buzz.
    I've also been able to turn this 3d:

    into this real:

    so I have some serious fun.
  9. Ah, that explains the web address then. Nice dino-bat thing.

    MM sounds like studying ID, didnt get much sleep, (either did the neighbours, i remember making models at 3am - -ahh the pain)

    If you want to go for a ride sometime, i would like to hear some industry tips, and whether it is worth considering a career change.
  10. sounds good, just pm me any time you want to go...

    I'm always happy to chat about 3d.
    Like I said, obsessed :shock: :D