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Back from a 4 Year Hiatus

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Not4Resale, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    Looks like I'll be rejoining the fold. To give a bit of a background, I used to commute daily with a few "spirited rides" on the weekend for good measure on my VTR 1000. Had a spill when a cager turned across my path as I was traveling through an intersection. I've been saying that I would be getting back on the horse for 4 years now. I've been slaving away in a new business paying myself pennies for 60 hour weeks and it dawned on me... I don't ever seem to reward myself.


    Looks like I finally took the plunge and picked up an '05 Kwaka KLR 650. For the entire 4 years I have been talking about and fantasizing about loading my hiking tent onto the back of the bike and riding off into the bush for a lonely adventure.

    I'm now one step closer to turning this dream into a reality.
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  2. Welcome back.
  3. Heh. Still in c'bah?
    Good to see you again.
  4. Welcome back:]
  5. Welcome back to Nutrider. :wacky:

    For the sake of tradition (and those of us who have never met you): are you hot?
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  6. Welcome back, lots of new faces I bet.
  7. Hey man, welcome back to the fold, and to the road. I trust your renaissance fulfils your best hopes and ambitions.
  8. Welcome back...

    All the best for camping and riding...
  9. Thanks for the welcome :)

    Good to see some old regulars (and some new people). Ljiljan, I'm in Marrickville now, one of the benefits of growing up and leaving the nest ;)

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone once I join in on some upcoming rides.
  10. Welcome back @Not4Resale@Not4Resale. I'm a fresh young face here since you were last around...now if only my bones could feel fresh and young again.....
  11. Welcome back, 4 years? I remember reading your post about the accident, was a car turning across you at lights on a orange or something, 4 years? Damn I'm getting old