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back doin' it in the dirt again..

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Nel, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. i spent 5hrs on the Illawarra escarpment today, with two mates. was bloody great!
    my first dirt ride in over a year, and i was also getting to know 'Shania' (my almost new DR-Z400E) she loved our time together, im sure :grin:
    i have ridden that area for close to 20yrs with my mates, and ya think ya know most of the tracks pretty well..but today we hooked up with a Northener who showed us areas we had not been on, that blew the doors off us!
    ya gotta love the Aussie bush hey! so much joy out there.
    we are lucky buggers us Aussies.

  2. sounds like you had fun!!!



    cold and yucky down here today in Hobart
    heading off to our block down Port Huon way to plant some more fruit trees, thats our adventure for this weekend :LOL:

  3. Good tyo hear that you had fun and being a local I am sure I woudl like to know some of those tracks.

    Just be careful though as the Popo have been hitting some of the catchment areas a bit due to some of the damage being done (just in case you wen that way). Mind you, there are some track east of Ousley that I have been looking at a bit, just gotta get time