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Back by popular demand!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fewy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. After being inundated with messages from previous posts regarding race tips :eek: ......... well would you believe 1 person was interested, i have decided to post a couple of tips for people who are at home or going down the pub this afternoon to try and win their beer money back.
    Tips are for Gold Coast Racing this afternoon.
    Race 1 #1 and #2 (prefer #1 on top)
    Race 3 #7 should go very close
    Race 6 #3 and #4 can't split them but 3 should go very close
    Race 7 #2 and #7
    All care no responsibilty. :-w
    Good luck if your having a bet.

  2. Thanks mate. Lets see what happens.
  3. C'mon Fewy, we need a full report about your day at "work".
  4. Well, race 1, #1 came second, so good tip
    race 3, nothing
    race 6, nothing
    race 7, # 2 got first, and #7 got 3rd, so good tips

    Not sure what dividends they were paying as i just got this info from sportsbet (not the dividends though) but all in all not too bad...
  5. Good work Fewy.
  6. You clearly know a bit about this caper, so keep the tips coming.
  7. oh, how to waste a bit of time. Having fun Rog?
  8. Yeah, thanx Stalker Garfield.

    Keep it coming, Fewy. Impressive stuff.