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back break light

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by es, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. I think battery acid has damaged the switch for my back brake to light.

    Light doesnt work for back brake, but lights up fine for front.

    There is battery acid damage/discoloration to the area in which the switch is supposed to be.

    How could I repair it, how much may it cost me, what else could be the problem... ask questions so I can clarify my question... im in a hurry right now, but will check back later. Thanks!
  2. Try spraying some 'Deoxit' on it (or other electrical component cleaner. I believe CRC have one). Try Mitre 10.
  3. Break is when you take something and destroy it.

    BRAKE is what you apply to stop your vehicle.

    Beat ya to is smee :p
  4. not that you shouldn't be but whenever your stopping use the front as well so your lights turn on. same with sitting at the lights at night.. or flick em on and off.

    pull it off and clean it, might still work, otherwise not much. $20 tops.

    i burnt out my front brake light switch sunday. guy before had the wires hooked up wrong and a real bad earth. tail lights were on just dull, then one brake like would come on and the other turn off. fix the earth, earth wire smokes. front brake switch buggered. fix wiring.. broken seized switch. still trying to figure out how to get it out.

    edit: thanx slyfox. i was reading that before and couldn't figure out which was up
  5. Acutally I have the same problem, brake light works for fronts but not back.
  6. Battery acid and electrical connections are not a good mix, best bet would be to remove the switch and take it apart. If you're lucky the problem could just be a bit of corrosion on the contacts which you can clean up with sandpaper. Be careful though of any salty looking crud which could be dried acid since it will burn - you can always give the switch a quick rinse with water provided you let it dry before putting it back together.
  7. just so you know sometimes the switch to turn the light on may become too loose - all it takes is a few twists of the switch and the light will start working again (too many twists and it will be on permanently). Find the point where the brake lever attaches to the on/off switch (often at the other end of a spring), and try tightenning where it attaches. I had this happen on my old fzr - bothered me for ages until I made this realisation.
  8. :shock: :shock: why wouldn't you use the front brake when stopping?

    yep, had the same issue, nut was too tight and the rear brake light was on permanently, an easy one to fix fortunately.
  9. thanks all... while waiting for my friend i got bored and pulled it apart. dis connected & reconnected the connections, brushed them out, tightened stuff and aparently fixed it :shock:
    yes folks, im sure you are just as suprised as me!

    thanks for your concern leo... but i was already smart enough to make a concious effort to squeeze the front break on whenever i (rarely) used the back so that it would light up :p
  10. Congratulations. I hereby confer upon you the Certificate II in Bodge Mechanics. Welcome to the world of grease under your nails, spanner-skinned knuckles and cooling-fin shaped burns on your forearms.
  11. so it works now... but have problems with the sensitivity.
    I have to really be stomping on it to get the light to switch on. Obviously not something I really want to be doing in a braking situation.
    Would this be another loose connection?
  12. There should be a barrel adjuster or bolt that sets the sensitivity of when the light engadges.

    You should be able to see it if not check your work shop manual.
  13. would it have moved by itself? cos the setting was fine before.
  14. Define "before" and list what has happened since then and you'll likely workout what happened to change it.
  15. "before" would be before there was acid on/around the switch
  16. The act of cleaning it could have accidently "reset" it.

    like they say, fiddle with how far the switch or barrel is threaded into it's bracket, you'll need to screw it out a bit IIRC, and don't forget to tighten the locknut up again (if it has one).

    BTW is there any other type of brake light than a rear brake light? Never seen a front brake light? maybe it comes with the front number plate :wink:

  17. I was trying to define between the connectors for front brake to light and back to light.

    thanks for the advice, will try it out when i get some time
  18. Ahh...for those that have worked in tech. support, if I had a dollar for everytime a person said that about their computer I'd be a rich man

    :D .
  19. Yeah, I know Eswen ....
    I just can't help being a smart-@rse, it's in my genes. (and Jeans)

  20. And the louder and more often they say it is in inverse proportion to the likelihood of it being true!!!