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Back Again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TwiceShy, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Name is Eric, SOS, Single Dad raising disabled daughter, living in eastern suburbs, got my Ls on a 250 burgman, going for Ps soon so have also bought Yamaha vstar 650 classic.
    PS Only came back cos I have met some really nice people on Nteriders out riding, esp Uncle Greg.

  2. To those who in Melbourne know me I have some news since last I seen you all. I decided 3 weeks ago to go for the usual ride up to MotoCafe and have the required coffee, I got a flat tyre 2 klms out of Healsville, struggled in to Healsville and no where to get a flat fixed. So I pushed the damn scooter from Healsville to Boronia where I almost collapsed lol. Went to AMX on Dorset Rd and they gave me the number of a towing place, rang them,was quoted $276 and nearly had a baby. So pushed the trusty steed into a total strangers house and ask him if I could park it, then caught a $50 taxi ride home.
    Was stressing the next day how to get it home so goggled towing and emailed a few places. Was answered by NationWide towing from Dandenong and they quoted me $175 and could do it almost immediatley, got it towed back to Peter Stevens and a new tyre ($69) and Im back in business.
    Now it gets interesting, my 82 year old father rang me when he heard about the flat and asked why I hadnt been down to Gippsland to see him, I explained that the suzi could do it easy but not too many times and not with my daughter as pillion. Explained that I was trying to save, so in a year or two I could get a bike that would do it many times over 2 up, to cut a long conversation short( Im really editing the boring bits) he gave me $9000 to buy a new bike, so I trotted off to Peter Stevens, almost bought a harley, the fact I was offered $1000 as trade in for the burgman on a 883 with a 1200 kit put me off, so I got (privately) a 2010 Yamaha V Star 650a classic with 14000 klms on the clock, not too much bling,setup as a single rider bike,vance and hines cruiser exhaust. In atm getting 2 white walls fitted,cant wait to put some klms on it. Now you will hear me coming lol
  3. 175 plus 50 makes 225 and dunno how you got to that place the next day yet you turned down a tow and a free lift to wherever you eventually left the bike for the sake of 50 bucks.
    think about it :)
  4. I did mate, it was a free ride both ways, and it was $276 versus $175 and $50. Still got out of it 50 bucks less.
  5. And I got ripped off on the taxi ride, I was so knackered from pushing 175 kilos for 5.5 hours I didnt realise till next day the indian driver had taken me to Noble Park from Boronia via Glen Waverly, no wonder it was $50.
  6. its ok you can buy me lunch
  7. Any time Uncle Greg, you always look like ya need a feed lol, I hope its not due to too many munchies and not enough meals ???
  8. not enough bush sausage
  9. lmao, enough said
  10. hello stranger,

    you're a troublemaker, i remember.. scooterboy, hehehe

    welcome back :)

    EDIT: congrats on the new bike..
  11. lol Gday Mate, if you remember correctly, you were the first person I met from Netriders :) And I take that nickname with pride lol
  12. G'day again and congrats on the new bike.