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Back After a Brief Intermission

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PatB, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Well, neither MrsB nor I had ridden in months, me because I've been working away, she due to recovering from surgery. Now I'm back and she's better so, this morning, we dragged Ivan and the Dr out of the shed, kicked the tyres, lit the fires and went out for breakfast together.

    Damn but it felt good. I feel a period of more positive posting coming on, although it'll be from the UK for the next month as I fly out for a long awaited holiday on Wednesday. Expect a review of the National Motorcycle Museum if I can get there, or other petrolheady things if I can't.
  2. Pat its great to hear that you and your wife could get out for a bit of a ride.

    Look forward to reading about it. (y) Have a great holiday!
  3. Don't forget to keep us up-to-date with your classic racing exploits, and life with the Ruskie, eh??
  4. Well, the classic racing exploits amount to fabricating approximately half a rearset for the K100 over the last 6 months, so progress might be a while. Must drag the running K out and do another track day now that it looks like I'll be Perth based for a bit.

    Ivan might be treated to a deep sump and a pair of replica Norton "peashooters" to improve the exhaust note, if I can stuff them in my suitcase while I'm over there.
  5. (y)
    Sounds like things are falling into place nicely.
  6. The first ride back after a bit of a break is so sweet!
  7. im hanging out for mine! lol.

    enjoy the rides :)
  8. Whereabouts in the UK are you heading? I've been to the Motorcycle Museum and the Sammy Miller museum in the New Forest. I rated the Sammy Miller one better as it was quieter, still had heaps on display and made more relevant as the man himself is still around. Even my sister who was my host for the trip (and not a real bike fan, though she did have a ZX4 at the time) enjoyed the trip.
  9. I assume the deep sumps are identical to those I've seen advertised for BMW airheads. Do they work?

    I was always worried about the temp of my bike in summer and I asked about it on the local BMW club forum and the general concensus was it probably wouldn't do anything.

    From memory there were two variations, one was an actual deeper sump and the other was a spacer to fit between the sump and block effectively making the original deeper.
  10. Time permitting, I'm intending to have a look in at the Sammy Miller museum, having only recently discovered that it's not just trials irons. Overall, I'll be covering much of England and bits of Scotland and Wales with the daughter in tow, so bike/engineering stuff needs to be rationed and interspersed with other things.

    I doubt if they're interchangeable, but they'll work on a similar principle to increase the oil capacity. The ones available for Urals come in a couple of different flavours, with or without external finning (without is good if the bike spends much time in muddy conditions). External finning will achieve bugger all unless the interior is also finned (the original is) to get heat from the oil into the aluminium in the first place.

    I don't believe a deep sump will lower oil temperatures significantly, but it will result in each individual oil molecule passing through the pump and the heads less frequently, subjecting it to less shearing and fewer heat cycles, which is no bad thing in my opinion, particularly in a hot climate.
  11. Makes sense.
  12. That warms the cockles of my heart :)

    Ride on, ride free.