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Babysitter scares the hell out of little kid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by thecptn, May 7, 2006.

  1. link doesn't work
  2. Does for me.

    Funny as all hell
  3. What a bastard, I hope the tape gets sent to the cops.
  4. What a sicko :shock:
  5. I wouldn't have said funny so much as call it child abuse.
  6. should have got a knife and stabbed the martian
  7. L O L
    kids need more scaring. excellent.
  8. Hahaha, stupid kid! :LOL:
  9. What an idiot.....needs his head punched in. :evil:
  10. Poor kid! That idiot should be charged! :mad:
  11. I find it interesting that those under the age of 22 actually found this entertaining or agreed with it? :?
  12. It would seem the people with kids are the only ones sympathetic to the crybaby :wink:

    Dont tell me no-one ever scared you as a kid. He would have forgotten about it in 10 minutes anyway
  13. and the US wonder why kids go around school shooting teachers and other students...
    with baby sitters like him.... i can now understand the 'why'
  14. what an asshole!....hope he gets whats coming to him
  15. The kids probably not worried about the whole 'the monsters' thing, it would be the 'my parents left me with the loopy freakshow again' that would freak the living shit out of him.
  16. what an asshat. hope the parents get to see the vid... and that the guy isnt a parent :shock:
  17. what a fag, if someone did that to my kid i'd really give them something to be scared about when i ran them down in my car :evil:

  18. lol thats even funnier who says asshat i have never heard that! lol! :LOL:
  19. eswen says asshat, it was promoted in her sig awhile ago