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Baby X due? (No 5, & the Last)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Just got home from work. Taking wife to hospital. Contractions 2mins apart now. Boy No 3 wasent due till 20/03/2007.

    Tradition continues & will be born unnamed :LOL:

    Will have the next 3mths to find a name otherwise you are not issued
    a Birth Certificate.

    Catch yas :wink:
  2. Garry. You gotta call him Garry.

    Mega congrats by the way. :grin:
  3. :woot: :dance: :beer: Huge congrats buddy. big love to all of you xoxoxox
  4. Congrats on number 5!!!!.... another rider has been born...
  5. Nice one MG, best of luck for the right numbers of fingers and toes etc. ;)
  6. man I stopped at 4, 5 you are insane. have fun :LOL:
  7. Yet you have time to post it on NR before taking her to the hospital? Thats commitment!
  8. Congratulations MG! :grin:

    Five kids? :shock: Have you figured out what causes it yet? :p
  9. Thanks for all the Netrider family. 500.

    Baby has been born. Still hasent been weighed or washed so cant give any updates yet.
    Havent shown any emotion but now that the baby is out, I opened up abit & sporting a smile. :)

    Waters broke at 2.05pm & he came out 10mins later, so another quick
    birth that went all OK. Mother swears this is the last time shes going
    thru this again. 682.

    LOL yeh. Mrs was shouting at me "Get off the bloody computer" & I said "Hang on. I just gotta
    do this message" so I had type as fast as I could. :grin:

    signed outta here; grabbed her bag & sped off to hospital.

    Just got home not that long ago so family friend looking after the boys can go home. I'll soon pick
    up their sister from swimming lessons & take em all to hospital.

    I named the other (4), so when mother comes home she can have the honours of working on
    getting a name for the last one.

    Gromit: No idea bud, but Mrs told me not to go near again until I see the family Doctor. :shock:
  10. call it Bennos Jr :)

    i have a twin in my lounge room that's retarded. he won't be shushing OMFG it's doing my head in. Maybe I'll feed him he likes that :grin:
  11. congrats kish :cool:
  12. + 1
  13. five, FIVE, FIVE.
    my bank balance couldnt count past 2.

    Congrats Mate.
  14. Kishy junior.
    Congrats! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  15. Call him "Danger"... c'mon... do it!
  16. call him 'hey'

    (hey jude :oops: guess you haven't heard that a million times before!)
  17. Congrat's to you and the family MG. :)
  18. Welcome to the littlest MG :grin: drinking34.
  19. Congrats MG!

    Call him MiniKishy, or Ninja. :grin:

    Or you could call him Groberts and sign him up. :grin:
  20. That's wonderful news!!!! Congrats to you all!!!