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Baby ninja riders step right up!!! zxr250/zx2r fuel economy.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Grunge, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Hey all you baby ninja riders,

    Just wanted to get a bearing on how much K's a full tank gets you.

    For me it's at about 195 or s K's before I have to switch to reserve.

    Anyone else ? :]
  2. 160-170 kms before mine starts spluttering.

    I'm usually trying to keep up with a couple of 600s, a 750 and 1000 in my riding group, hence the higher than average consumption.
  3. I am getting around 175-250 K's to a tank of juice. Jeez talk about variation. There is a bit of a difference in our figures. I guess I am nicer to my baby than you guys hehe :grin:
  4. i'm yet to go through a full tank after 2 weeks with the bike :D
  5. 250-270ks
    without reserve

    blah blah blah i fill up to tehe very top tho
  6. WOAH!

    That's an effin' HUGE variation.
    Do you know what the difference is? I mean, I assume you mean you're getting that much before you have to switch to reserve.

    Maybe it's the difference in the way you ride? Just a thought.
  7. with a full tank, i can get 250k before switching to reserve. then i get another 20k before i get petrol.
  8. yeh spot on! i get around 250-260 ;ks before i fill up the beast :grin:
  9. wohooo :p
  10. 160-170 before reserve.
  11. 230km before switching to reserve
  12. Still looking for one...
  13. Got over 300 on the last tank, but then I have been taking it easy as I know it's running lean. Ordinarily I fill at 250 commuting or 175 on a ride.
  14. do you guys red line it non stop or what?

    i communte 50ks each day on the eastern at 8,000rpm if that makes a difference
  15. What do you guys fill it up with? Premium or standard unleaded?
  16. I usually sit around 6.7-7K rpm. I run Premium Unleaded if that makes your calculations any easier. Ocassionally my "wrist slips" and I seem to go faster for some peculiar reason. :LOL: