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Baby Netrider Rounds Corner One - small update

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Well after an exlosive start from pole position :wink: with Ken in the saddle, a baby netrider is well on the way to making itself known in the race. not bad considering the bike's a 41 year old classic :grin:

    alright, so without flogging a bad analogy further than we should, we're proud to announce that as of this day, ken and carri are 12 weeks pregnant :bannanabutt: :dance: \:D/

    while we're feeling all sentimentimental and emotional, a few thanks are due:

    1. thanks to vic and jason for providing the means through which we could meet

    2. glitch_oz for running the 'Touring 101' coffee nights where we first met

    3. all the fabulous people we've met here who have become a gorgeous group of friends

    4. the on-line community we haven't even met, for the hours of entertainment

    5. loz and cheng for keeping our secret of recent weeks

    6. and ken for being the most amazing fabulous incredible stunning partner on the planet :applause: =P~

    to stop me being tempted to ride on these beautiful summer days i've deregistered the hornet though i continue to pillion with ken for the time being. i'm surprised how much i miss it considering i've never been the world's most regular rider. mind you with ken as dad the kid will be pushbike riding, dirtbike riding and motorcycling in no time - looking forward to family travels together one day in the distant future. anyway, i've already outgrown my draggins and almost my leathers too :sick:

    good things about pregnancy: my astonishment at meeting the man of my dreams at 39 and being pregnant at 41 :shock: ; the anticipation, the hopes, the dreams, the wonder [-o< ; bigger jugs :beer: :LOL:

    bad things: the doubts, fears, uncertainty, not-knowing; having the energy of a 93 year old =P~ ; the smell of poo makes me spew :busting:

    due date: 20th June 2008.

    hugs to all and thanks for being there, c'n'k xx
  2. Magnificent news.

    Wonder how Ken will take it when the kid starts to look like me :p

    All the best and here's to a sick-free pregnancy.

    Congrats again.
  3. We had our first one at 39 and are working on #2
    Congrats Carri ;)
  4. Congratulations!!! Twins are really good too!! Are you sure there is only one!!!
  5. Congrats!!! That is so awesome :D

    June 20th ehh? Not too bad a date!!!

    Remember - indulge the baby cravings. If you feel like chocolate with peanutbutter, eat it. If you feel like meat pie, have some :D
  6. If I could just add word on the subject, as I did have a part to play here Ceejay :LOL: We already told a few regulars at Sth Bank coffee, of which Ceejay had a rather humourous answer similar to Vic's :grin:

    I would like to thank the beautiful Carri for being the love of my life :dance:
    Although we would have inevitably met eventually, definitely thanks needs to go Carver for inviting me to an netrider night, and Glitch for hosting a meeting on touring, coincidently on the most cliche of all days to meet, :roll: Valentines day, no sheeet.

    How life can spin on a dime :tantrum: I was dressed in my riding gear and ready to roll out the door literally in 30 seconds, when Carver rang and I decided to go to La porcheta in Boronia instead of Brunswick street.

    We have always had Netrider crowd as common friends and have met some really cool people that we are fortunate to call friends and associates.
    So again thanks needs to go Jason and Vic, and Flip and Dave as well,for providing a venue to get to know some of you better. :beer:

    Most kids look like when there born Vic, bald as a cueball :grin: ,loud :blah: ,but lovable :LOL:
  7. Whoohoo congradulations Carri and Ken :grin:

    Thought there might have been something in the making when we last spoke at Friday night coffee a few of weeks ago, all the baby talk etc :wink:


    Heres to shitty nappies :cry: sleepless nights (and that doesnt stop when they grow up either) :tantrum: :tantrum: big boobs :woot:

    but not to forget the best of all..... the wonderful amount of love and joy the little bundle will bring to your lives :dance: \:D/ :dance: \:D/

    :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

    :roses: :roses: :roses: :roses: :roses: :roses:
  8. congrats carri & ken!

    you realize this is now a race, we have one coming june 15 :cool:
  9. Wow, you're all having Gemini kids!! Split personalities, major mood swings, extrovert, loud, flirtatious, great conversationalists, eternally youthful with razor sharp wit!!

    Yes, Geminis are the children to have, they'll keep you entertained, have wonderfully sarcastic comebacks as teenagers, and always have you second-guessing what they will do next!! Yes I'm a Gemini!!! (To make matters worse for my parents, I have a Twin - we take turns being the evil one!).

    Here's wishing you all a wonderful healthy pregnancy, a not-so-horrible birth, a healthy baby and happy parents and family!!!
  10. me too :grin:
  11. Oh wow! That's awesome news :grin: Congratulations! What a lucky kid they'll be to have you two as parents. :) Enjoy it all guys. :)

  12. Well done guys! :dance: That's awesome news! :grin:
  13. Congratulations, absolutely great news :grin: :grin:
    You two are gonna make the best parents a kid could ever hope for.
    Ya know, I was actually wondering if you two had made progress the other day when I sent you the dancing cockie.


  14. so is carri ;)
  15. Carri and Ken
    Congradulations that is wonderfull news , I am pleased, really pleased for you both .
    May your joys and dreams be painless and the years fullfilling with many special moments.

    from me and all my clan.
  16. Me too, but it's different with your own kid. I guarantee that bowel movements in all their glorious detail and variation will form 50% of your conversational material by this time next year :grin: .

    Congrats by the way. My wife and I were (relatively) late starters too and we seem to be coping ok.
  17. OH, you said you were having a BABY?

    I thought you said you were having RABIES.

    I was more excited about the rabies. I've seen Kenny drool quite a lot (over my old Hornet9 when he thought I wasn't looking) but I thought a bit of frothy spittle would be very fetching on you Carri.

    Ah well, there's always next time.

    What absolutely fabulously fantastically wonderfully brilliant exciting breathtakingly mind blowingly thrillingly momentously outstanding news!!!!

    Our biggest and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy and the start of a fabulous family life!!!

    Much love

    Lil & Jay :grin:
  19. As I said last night my gorgeous friends


    Ken and Carrie I am so happy that you have found each other, you are both gorgeous people and I think you will make wonderful parents :dance:

    Oh and how cool that your due on my 30th birthday!!! :eek: :shock: :?
    (god I feel so old) :(

    :grin: Anyway I hope to see you next weekend to catch up and give you both massive hugs and maybe share a drink :beer: Im happy to have one on your behalf Carrie hehe
  20. Congrats Carri and Ken. \:D/