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baby b-king born again, this time she's a 7fiddy

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MONKEYMAN, Sep 22, 2010.


hi there, ima 2011 gsr 7fiddy !!

Poll closed Oct 22, 2010.
  1. yawn

    5 vote(s)
  2. zzzzzzzzzzz

    1 vote(s)
  3. meh!

    6 vote(s)
  4. has anyone seen my dildo?

    6 vote(s)
  1. Looks heavy...
  2. Not sure how you can tell that, the article says an aluminium frame so I doubt that it is overly more than the competition. It does look like a copy of the z. I think that it is good. The more choice the better.
  3. One upside compared to a Z750 or FZ8 is the engine has been taken from a 750cc supersports, rather than taken from an ageing litrebike then sleeved. Perhaps this is what makes the author confident that the bike will have a 20 hp advantage to the competition.
  4. Looks nice and should heat up the competition.

    I just don't like the pointy fairing cover behind the indicator covering the side of the radiator which is also apparent on some other naked bikes such as cb1000r, xj6n too.
  5. Hmm that is interesting. As well the z750 is 195kg dry but the GSXR750 is 168kg dry. Hope that they can get the new bking closer to the gsxr in weight and if it is based on the GSXR it should be possible.
  6. It won't look anything like that when it comes out. Just like the FZ8, all I can think of is why??????

    A bike the size of a thou with the performance at/below 600RR level?

    Sounds pretty mediocre...

    (I know they're talking good numbers, but again, I'll believe that when it's released... Maybe.)
  7. i like it. the 750-900 market is where i am looking for my next bike, otherwise i'd go an xjr
  8. I think designers should be shown the results of polls on bikes like this..sure they appeal to a few guys and girls, but I think designers have lost the plot. Why bother putting pillion pegs there? Let alone a pad that would barley accommodate a computer mouse let alone a human bum. Like I said,some will go for it, but it don't push my buttons.
  9. C'mon the poll is a little silly, there is no option to say that you like it.

    Suzi are not stupid, if noone was going to buy it they wouldn't import it (z750 sales says there is a market there). If you want pillion comfort then you aren't going to buy a mid-weight naked sportsbike anyway, you would buy the big b-king or the 1250 Bandit if you want a Suzuki.
  10. photoshop blue-sky teasers are so much fun aren't they :LOL:??

  11. i think the pillion seat is both the black and white area, not just that tiny little black area, so looks no worse then the current crop of this style of bike...

    but it's just meh
  12. Ugly bikes should not be allowed to breed.
  13. Lets work on stopping the bogans first.
  14. Given the current situation in NSW with CTP prices I can see the 600cc to sub 1000cc market booming as they will be significantly cheaper to register.
  15. If it is naked gsxr750, with bit of tuning for mid-range, then it will be exceptional. If it's a budget version, then you'll get what you pay for just like the others-nothing special at doing anything, usually with cheap brakes and cheap, dull suspension.

    But it does look cool!

  16. Then who would be left to post on Netrider?
  17. geeth is the epitome of style, suave, sophistication and metrosexuality.
  18. Wow, thats one ugly bike. It looks like a transformer that had a seizure half-way through transforming and is now stuck in a very uncomfortable, awkward half transformed limbo with its back arched on all fours...

    or maybe thats just me
  19. sorry john, but i disagree, those cheap brakes and suspension parts where good enough on supersports 5-10 yrs ago though??? Why not now, for most people on the road they still won't find the limits of the old tech. stuff....it's just more bling from where i sit