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Baaah! Shafted again...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Iffracem, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Not happy in my job, at the stage of needing to take witnesses in when I have "discussions" with the manager. (should have seen the reaction when I said I'd be bringing my lawyer to the next meeting :grin: :grin: , thanks Techno)

    So i'm looking around... find my absolute dream job of a lifetime, running a small auto workshop for a local high school, to help get some education into youth who, for one reason or another, just don't learn in a traditional classroom. EXCELLENT!

    Get told the jobs mine :grin: woohoo!

    Then get told that the funding is only good for one day a week... it was supposed to be full time. BUGGER! :( One day a week wont pay the mortgage. Kids loose out big time on a chance to learn, I lose out on a job I love doing.....

    But some stinking beaurocrat sitting in a bullsh1t castle thinks they're the bees knees by possibly saving a few sheckles in the short term.

    Bahhh! I hate beaurocracy

    But I do feel better for getting it off my chest, so to speak.
    Must try and find work for the other 4 days... the kids deserve a break.


  2. JJ .... my father in law gave up an engineering job to teach at a disabled workshop, he had similar thoughts to yours about wanting to teach to somebody who wanted to learn. He found that teaching to the handicapped didn't pay big in monetary terms but was huge in personal satisfaction....

    Could be another option to look at.
  3. Ok JJ, time to be creative. Have you thought about contacting the Educashun Dept and seeing if they are running similar programs elswhere in the area? I know this sounds freaky to you, but over this side of the pond people regularly travel for an hour (or more) to get to work, so that puts you halfway to Lonnie. A day in each place would add up.
    :grin: :grin:
  4. Yeah, that's what I'm looking at.

    Nobby, you need certificate IV in Aged and disability care to work in that area here, they're screaming for people,but only fund a few places each year. There are private providers, but I need a reasonable pay packet to pay the bills (wife has a brain tumor and diabetes, PBS and private health only go so far)

    While the emotional benefits of that work are great, (have done it voluntarilly before) the emotional strain of struggling to provide for the family is too much (been there before, NOT going back)

    Exactly right, Nil_Orally... I'm working on getting my workplace assessor and Training assesser/advisor certs back up to speed, that way I can subcontract/freelance all over the state, & trust me, an hours travel is a joy, cos I'll ride my motorbike :LOL:

    Again, getting the time to go through the required tafe courses, which are daytime only, is a hassle, but I'm working on it.

    Hopefully I can short circuit the system by getting some nice training organisation to accept my quals as a current competency, then its only a coupla hours to update.