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Ba!@#$#!...people having some fun on our behalf...grrr

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    I am absolutely seething at the moment. :mad: A few nights ago I was sitting here and heard something 'hitting' the side of our house. Grabbed the torch and the bbq spatula (was the best weapon I could find in short notice!) and went outside to investigate. Found a rock on the downstairs deck but wasn't sure whether that was from the kids.

    Went to bed that night and noticed there was small shards of glass all over my bed. Turned the light on to reveal one smashed bedroom window.

    I wasn't sure whether it was from a bird (a bird's flown into that window before whilst I was in there - lol) or from the rock downstairs.

    As the crack in the window was only small I decided I'd organise getting the pane of glass replaced.

    Anyway, tonight the girls and I are sitting in the upstairs lounge room and whaddya know...same berloody sound again. I grab the torch and that damn bbq spatula and go outside - this time there's a shitload of rocks on the deck. :mad:

    Come back inside and no sooner am I upstairs it happens again. Poor kids are scared - I'm scared and trying not to act scared - tell them to stay put...that it's probably some kids throwing rocks and then go outside again. More rocks and shit on the deck.

    Come back upstairs - youngest is on the phone to her Dad...scared... :(

    I go out on the verandah and notice someone running up the road across from my house. Followed by two others. Berloody kids! Probably about 13/14years old. I run downstairs and out onto the dark road - with my trusty spatula and useless torch but unfortunately, have no luck finding them. :(

    Will ring the cops in the morning, but I highly doubt they'll be able to do anything. :(

    It was a relief to the girls to know it was just kids. They've relaxed a bit now. As have I. But I'm also worried - not just about the house sustaining further damage, but the car and motorbike which aren't locked up and are there for anyone to throw rocks and shit at.


    And berloody Sam! Stupid dog didn't growl/bark/rip anyone's throat out. gotta get me a fighter dog! :evil: :twisted:
  2. School holidays there?
    Police won't do anything, this sort of crime doesn't make their stats look good.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Yep. The local college kids go back Tuesday.

    Gonna go walkabout tomorrow - visit some neighbors and see if they've had any similar happenings.
  4. If it goes on i'm happy to come and stay a few nights.
    I may be short and fat but i'll scare the crap out of the little bastards whan i chase tham throwing rocks at them.
  5. :rofl: aaah Woodsy - ta for the giggles. :LOL:
  6. I can almost guarantee there is not much to be done about this, except talk to the neighbours. For some reason they tend to single out one house. Any of your kids have problems with others at school? Maybe a visit to some other parents would sort it out if this is the case.
    I;d run out with a digital camera with a flash and start taking photos of them, even if your camera won't take a decent photo. How are they to know it didn't? :LOL:
    Regards, Andrew.
  7. It's typical of the "muck up before we go back to school"
    Still though a shit of a thing to have happen with kids in the house.

    I'll wear a dog collar and crawl around on all 4's for ya Rosie, and......

    coz I like you, i'll bark as loud as you want :p
  8. Who knows Andrew... :? It could be personal, but I highly doubt it. Methinks it's bored kids looking for a thrill.

    Not a bad idea... :-k
  9. Do you howl? :cool:
  10. you better believe it ;)
    I do the leg machine gun as well, ya just gotta scratch the right spot
  11. Scrambles! I'm packed!
    Let's go save Rosie's house!

    You have your choice of riding b1tch, or sitting on a skateboard and hanging onto a rope.


    If this happened with any sort of regularity, I'd seriously camp-out with my sling-shot and some marbles.

    Do you recognise the rocks, Rosie? Are they from right outside the front of your house or anything? Maybe change the position of a security light to shine on that part of the driveway or sumfink.
  12. Stand beside you woodsy
  13. Sounds to me like bored kids on holidays. They're trying to hit the roof and breaking windows in the process but I doubt they have any idea how much effect they're having on you. They think they're annoying you (you to them is a random anonymous person) but they'd have no idea the fear you feel when they do it.

    School goes back tomorrow so it should stop. Let me know if it doesn't sTop and I'll pitch my tent in your front yard this weekend. :) I would guess that me taking an ear in hand after catching them and casually explaining the damage they do (while tightly holding the ear) should change their attitude with zero harm done. :)
  14. my twin had a problem that was solved by the cops.

    kids were teasing her dogs though the fence. one day she saw them as she was walking home from the shops.

    she followed them without being spotted and gave their address to the cops with her complaint.

    kids weren't allowed to walk passed her house. they had to get to the shops the long way.

    your situation is more serious as damage was done. follow them or photograph them and report it to the cops. if it does no good it does no harm.
  15. that burger flippa isnt going to help you. put on your helmet and carry a knife.
  16. I don't think they were aiming for the roof Seany - I think they were aiming for my bedroom window...hoping to finish it off it as it's much worse now. One more rock and the whole window would have fallen apart.

    But yeah - I'd say bored kids. I'm reporting it to the cops though.

    Ktulu - :LOL: :LOL: good idea - I'll have a look at the rocks...I'm guessing they're using the neighbors yard as it's that side of the house which is getting it.
  17. Nice idea :wink: but not very smart, with todays laws once she carrys that knife outside, Rosie becomes the target for any police action, yes it would scare the kids off.
    But they go home tell mum/dad about how this lady chased em with a knife, police come around and take Rossie for a trip down the station. Then if she is lucky she gets a warning, but could be alot worse.
    And I sure Rossie dont want her kids to see her carted off etc etc

    I know sometimes the law sucks and protects the crim better than the victom/s
  18. haha yeah - I don't think the knife would've been a good thing to carry at the time - especially if I'd caught them... :wink:

    I was pretty angry (thanks to fear) and had urges to kill/belt the crap out of them with my trusty spatula. In reality I would've kept my distance and followed them home. Unfortunately they were gone by the time I got out the front gate.

    Ktulu - yep - the rocks are the same as the ones in the neighbors yard.

    I'm going to buy a light to put out there - a nice big spotlight. :grin:
  19. HI Rosie
    my suggestion is get those sensor spot lights
    bunning have them for approx $19 and the globes are approx $4
    you can get single ones and double ones and they are directional

    and fit them under the eves of the house on Both corners of your house
    to flood the whole area with light
    as soon as the brats turn up they will go off anbd you will notice the light on and be able to see them and get a photo

    I have these for when i am home alone
  20. This is a good idea, rig the sensors so they would even get the other side of the road, just in case, and have them linked to REALLY big flood lights, and have a light sensor rigged to the camera (i know they do exist) :grin:

    Alternatively, I'll take a 24" Barrel on my paint marker and sit up the street with a 4x scope and wait... and wait.... :twisted: