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b00f's MT07

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  1. b00f submitted a new Showcase Item:

    b00f's MT07

    Read more about this showcase item here...
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  2. Fantastic photos - very well presented
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  3. Nice bike mate, ive looked into one of these. If you dont mind me asking, How tall are you? Im about 6'3" and was concerned it was a bit too small for me.
    I like everything about this bike though.
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  4. Great shots and a good looking bike. Have fun!
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  5. Great photos, the bike looks amazing
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  6. Very nice!
  7. Absolutely stunning bike! MT07 is one of the best in LAMS category imo. Thanks for sharing photos
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  8. very nice
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  9. I am about 5'11" or there abouts.
    i fit on it fairly well.
    Gives a good position, I would think anyone who is tall might get sore legs on longer rides, and kinda look like a gorilla humping it.

    Thanks for all the positive responses, loving it so much.
    First service thursday and already done 600km (3 days worth of riding), getting the best outta Summer before its gone :)

    Also, sorry for any confusion, please do not think I am photographer, I am not. My good friend Clarence is...

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  10. Nice wheels man! Very good looking piece of machinery;-)
  11. Hey mate, great picks.

    Recently picked up mine...loving it!
  12. Great shots! Good on a Clarence :)

    I will be getting my MT07 HO this weekend! :) can't wait